How do I find my friends?


Log in to and select members from the main menu.


The members page will show recently active members by default. On the left is the search criteria you can enter the name or other search items to find friends. If you would like to just browse a list of all members do not add any search criteria, just click on the search button. It will display all member currently signed up on ASN.


How do I find clubs?


Click on the clubs link in the main menu if you see clubs listed click on the club icon then click the like button on the page to be updated about matches and match results.


How do I create a club page?


If you are a match Director or club Manager you can create an account on ASN and email with you club’s name. Admin will change you permission level. Once you receive the email confirming that you have access to create a page click on clubs in the main menu. Then click on create a page. Click here for a more detailed description for creating a page.


What happens when I click like on a club page?


When you like a club page you will receive alerts when that club schedules events or matches on your main feed, receive updates and links to the posted match results.


Why should I sign up for ASN? is a social community for action shooters or shooting enthusiasts. Sign up create a profile, find friends you shoot with or make new friends, get updates from the clubs and matches you attend including match results that are uploaded by your clubs.


Who will see what I post?


You can set your privacy settings by clicking the gear next to your profile picture in the upper right on the main screen then select privacy settings. By default only people that are on your friends list will see your posts.


What is ASN all about? is a social networking site for action shooters or shooting enthusiasts. You can post on your feed about whatever you like as long as it is appropriate Or, start a blog and blog about shooting, leatherworking, modding, whatever you like. Please keep it clean. It is also a little bit of match management for clubs and shooting events. Create a page for you club invite you members either by email or ASN profile to be updated about match and receive match results when uploaded.


Can I invite my friends to ASN?


Please, the bigger the community the more we can interact, be social and learn. There is an invite link in the footer at the bottom of all the ASN pages where you can invite people by email.


Can anyone sign up?


Anyone can sign up but we do have special requirements for children under the age of 13.


Who do I contact with questions or suggestions?


Please email