Wednesday, May 1, 2019 12:00 am - Friday, May 31, 2019 12:00 am,
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Rugged Gear Up Giveaway

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Need a new cart? Or, just like winning stuff? Rugged Gear has you covered.

Here's what you need to do:

  1. Like the Rugged Gear Facebook Page @RuggedGearShooting
  2. Like the Facebook Page @actionshootingnetwork
  3. Take a picture or video of you by yourself or with your pards having fun on the range (preferably in cowboy gear) Post it in the contest link on with a comment, at the very least say thanks to Rugged Gear. Be creative or not but have fun with it.


Winner will be selected randomly May 31st for a brand new

Rugged Gear 4 gun cart



A true Florida gun cart!
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Chicken Scratch, you're the best.
Deadly Dealer
This is the wedding cake that Bonnfire made for Dakota Lil and Doc Mondays wedding. Sorry I can't rotate the picture Moog can you fix it.
Doc Cole
Great day for cowboy shooting! Thanks to Rugged Gear for making things easier.
Deadly Dealer
Ides of March 2018 second entry and the cause is the same
Ready to Play at the Indianna Black Powder Guild
Chickamauga Slim
I have a Rugged Gear cart & love it! I need to raise 250 door prizes for the TN State SASS match in October. Winning this cart, I would only need 249, and I would ensure everyone in attendance (who ha...View More
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Firewater Bandit
Nothing special this week. Just a good metaphor attached to these good transitions. Please transition me from trash to glory #Ruggedgear
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SAY WHEN!?!? Say when you need my address for my free gun cart. Really would make taking my boy who’s is much older now to the shoot to pick up brass. Right now I’m just using my canvas gun case, and ...View More
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shared a few photos
We bought a Rugged Gear cart a few months back to replace our old wooden one. The new one was lighter, easier to push. Big mistake. Now this pretty lady has the energy to beat me.
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That's how is starts. First the cart then the whoopin!
Firewater Bandit
I need the cart from rugged gear because this cart is the only one that I can afford to build right now.
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I love it!
That is fantastic. Very clever.
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