Thursday, March 12, 2020 8:00 am - Saturday, March 14, 2020 3:00 pm
Fort White Gun Club Inc, 18808 Highway 47, Fort White 32038, United States

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International Black Powder Championship

International Black Powder Championship

A Dark Day On The Santa Fe

March 13th & 14th, 2020

10 Stages

Limited to The First 180 Shooters


Read the article Tennessee Tall and Rio Drifter wrote about A Dark Day in the January 2019 Cowboy Chronicle.

Didn’t get to shoot with us? Here’s some of what you missed!


2020 Match Application

2020 Vendor/Sponsor Application

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Banquet Directions

2020 Match Schedule

2019 Scores

We are offering three “Specialty” categories.

There must be three shooters in Specialty category for it to be honored. 


Special ammo requirements only apply to

Sultan of Smokeand King of Kaboom

**Sultan of Smoke** (Specialty)

Shooters from the SASS BP Match definition of the categories of FCD, Frontiersman, Duelist, Sr. Duelist, Classic Cowboy and Others are eligible. ie One Handed only. All pistols are shot in the SASS Duelist category manner. Double Duelist is allowed. Real black powder or sub is allowed. 

Pistols and Rifle:40 cal and up – 200 grain and up – 25 grains of powder and up 38-40 cal – 180 grain and up – 30 grains of powder and up Cap and Ball – 44 cal round ball and up – 30 grains of powder and up

Shotgun: 1 1/8 oz shot, 60 grains of powder. Double barrel and 87 only

 **King of Kaboom** (Specialty)

Same rules as Sultan of Smoke, however, Two Handed or Gunfighter shooting styles is allowed.

Outlaw (Specialty) 

Any Main Match fixed sight model revolver. Revolvers must be shot Duelist Style, Gunfighter Style, or Double Duelist style. Revolvers will be shot below chest level with elbows bent, without aiming or sighting down the barrel.

Rifle: Any SASS Legal rifle. Rifle may be shouldered and aimed or shot off the shoulder and from the hip. (See Shotgun description below.)

Pistol: SASS legal .32 caliber or larger.

Shotguns: SASS legal shotgun. Shotgun will be shot “from the hip,” which means off the shoulder without aiming or sighting down the barrel.

Outlaw Styling: Outlaws may choose to engage the targets in an aggressively athletic manner. (e.g., On one or both knees, under a table, duck & cover) The stage scenario must be followed accurately to avoid a Procedural. Gun safety must be maintained.


For those shooters who do not what to come to the “Dark Side” but still want to come out, shoot and have a good time. All SASS rules apply, Friday night banquet and Saturday lunch is included. Certificates given to 5th place for Mens & Ladies.  Entry fee is reduced to $65.


 2019 Round Count: 100 Rifle, 100 Pistol, 50 Shotgun

This is Not a Lost Brass Match




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Lodging Information

Holiday Inn Express & Suites
16367 NW 167th Blvd
Alachua, FL 32615
(386) 518-6777
Holiday Inn Express & Suites
213 SW Commerce Drive
Lake City, FL 32025
(386) 754-1411
Country Inn & Suites 
350 SW Florida Gateway Drive
Lake City, FL 32024
(386) 754-5944

Camping Information

Ichetucknee Family Canoe and Cabin Campground
8587 S.W. Elim Church Road
Fort White, FL 32038
(386) 497-2150

High Springs Campground

24004 NW Old Bellamy Road
High Springs, FL 32643
(386) 454-1688
Travelers Campground
17701 April Blvd
Alachua, FL 32615
(386) 462-2505
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