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Thursday, March 16, 2023 12:00 pm - Sunday, June 4, 2023 3:00 pm
Southh East US

Kick off Florida Ides of March 16-19th

South Carolina The Bushwack April 6-8th.
Kentucky Shootout in the Hills April 27-29th
Alabama Shootout May 4-6th.
Georgia Stampede at South River May 18th - 20th.
Mississippi Smokin Guns at Rabbit Ridge May 26th-28th
Final Match The Reckoning in Tennessee June 1-3rd.

1. Rank Points using M7 contestants only for best three matches of all matches shot. Total
time for best three as tiebreaker. All SASS rules and match rules apply.
2. We will automatically drop highest rank points for any matches attended beyond three,
so more matches attended equates to a better chance of winning a buckle.
3. To be eligible for awards based on shooting style/propellent type all matches must be
shot in the same category i.e. three matches gunfighter, or three matches BP etc.
4. Kickoff is Florida State, Awards at Tennessee State, prizes at every match.
5. Entry fee Adult $20 Junior $10
6. Any remaining funds after the cost of awards will be used to purchase prizes from
sponsoring vendors.
7. Each state match shot earns one prize entry so more matches attended increases the
chance of a prize. All participants start with three entries.
Top Shooter (Open), Top Lady (Open), Gunfighter, Duelist, Frontier Cartridge, Silver Senior
Open, Silver Senior Ladies Open, Young Gun Boys, Young Gun Girls, and depending upon
signups (Lady Frontier Cartridge, Lady Gunfighter, Lady Duelist).
Clean match pins (clean for all three qualifying matches).
Magnificent 7 participant pins.

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