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Firewater Bandit
by on May 7, 2019
To all my favorite Gunslingers,
Dios mio, was Sunday's match loco, but such un buen tiempo... Okay, okay, I'll stop the Spanish, but boy, did we have some different kind of fun on Cinco de Mayo. Chicken Scratch promised and he delivered on the "everything moves" match with just a little extra, and it was awesome!
Bowling with the rifle and shotgun was certainly unique and added an extra layer of challenge to the match. Some of us took it slow to make sure we got 'em all, and others threw caution to the wind and sprayed and prayed. Either way, we all know the next time we go bowling with our friends we can always pull our carry piece and get that spare! (Kidding)
Dakota Lil and Doc Monday came out, and, as always, it was an absolute pleasure to have their contagious smiles back at the range.
Chertrock Chuck was back and brought his lady friend with him, too. It was good to have him back, and I don't think it'll be long before we talk Ginger into becoming a cowgirl!
We had one new shooter, FIO, who brought a great workers spirit and never stopped helping keep the match running, all while he was learning to shoot. I think we have another class-act to add to our ranks. If you are wondering what his alias stands for, well, figure it out.
Scratch certainly worked to make a challenging match, and that showed true by the fact we had zero clean shooters. But that's okay, that just means we were all pushing our speed the correct amount!
Congratulations to our top lady shooter, which was my very own Midwest Hale, and whatever to our top overall who was me. Guess it was a good way to end our season.
And on that final note, I just want to thank everyone, whether you were at this last match or came to any of our previous ones this year, for coming out to support the rebirth of St. Augustine's Ghost Town Gunslingers. You all are the reason we do this, and it warms our hearts to see all of you having a blast at our matches. Thank you, everyone!
As you all know, we only run from October to May. So, this was our last match this season. But the good news is that we will be back in October bringing the ghostly wail of distant steel ringing over our foggy berms.
Hope everyone has a great summer of shooting and stays cool out there! Yee-ha!
Come back in October and have some fun with us if you can stand it!
Until then, shoot straight, shoot true,
Firewater Bandit
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