Howdy all! Come on out and shoot the fast and fun sport of Wild Bunch Action Shooting. Every 3rd Saturday in historic Bowie, Texas at the Gunrunner shooting range. We also shoot BAMM and lots of other side match guns. We start at 9:00 break for lunch around noon then get into BAMM etc. stay for all or come out for WB or BAMM . We have classes for the 22’s and 9mms. Drag out that 1911 45 auto govt. model a model 97 or model 12 Winchester  along with a 40 cal or larger lever action pistol caliber rifle and your ready for WB . BAMM stands for bolt action military match think 1903 springfield, old German mausers wearing the battle dress as original. We shoot steel so the bolt guns need lead ammo at reduced velocity. for more info
Red Hills Rangers
Howdy! Red Hills Rangers shoot regular matches on the 2nd Saturday of each month.   For the current shoot dates, visit the Schedule page.  Shoots are held at the Talon Range in Midway, Florida (for directions visit the  Directions page).  Cowboy matches are held on the Competition Bays (past Bay 14 and over the land bridge—SASS Marshal directional signs will guide you). The Talon Range may be reached at 850.597.7550.  See the Talon website at  Camping and lodging options are available in the area, including these two hotels less than one-half mile from the range: Howard Johnson Inn                        Comfort Inn & Suites 81 Commerce Blvd.                           215 Commerce Blvd. Midway FL 32343                                Midway FL 32343 Ph. 850.574.8888                               Ph. 850.576.7300 On scheduled match dates, the gate to Talon Range will open at 8:00 a.m. Registration for the match starts at 8:00 a.m.   The mandatory safety briefing will start at 8:50 a.m. and the match will begin as soon as the safety briefing concludes. All SASS rules apply at RHR matches except as specifically overridden by stage instructions or local gun range rules.  RHR matches are scored on a total time basis.  Regular monthly matches will consist of six stages.   You should bring a minimum of 60 rifle rounds, 60 revolver rounds and 28 shotgun rounds to each match.  SASS ammo velocity restrictions will be strictly enforced. Please dress in accordance with SASS costuming requirements and the Cowboy Spirit of the Game (unless special accommodations are needed).  Setup is done the day before the match.   Help is always appreciated.   We will ordinarily shoot six stages and then have awards followed by lunch on or off-site.  Cold water and sodas will be available on the range.
North-East Washington Regulators
Welcome to the North East Washington (N.E.W.) Regulators page. We are a Cowboy Action Shooting (CAS) club affiliated with the NRA and the Single Action Shooting Society (SASS), an international organization created to preserve and promote the sport of CAS. Our range is located in Colville WA, see menu for map and driving directions or use 48.5075 N -117.8712 W. We shoot year around, the first full weekend of the month (sunshine, rain or snow unless 20° or less). Saturday and Sunday are separate matches with a safety meeting prior to each match start time of 9 AM.
Outlaw Camp
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"If you ain't wanted you ain't wanted" We are a Cowboy Action Shooting Club affiliated with the Single Action Shooting Society or (SASS) so SASS rules apply. We shoot the second and fourth Saturdays each month as well as the fifth Saturday when they come around. We unlock the gate about 8:00 A.M. The coffee pot is on. Registration 9:30. Shooters meeting 9:45 Shoot at 10:00. We normally shoot three scenarios, break for lunch and go back to shoot three more. Shooting scenarios require single action revolvers, lever or pump action rifles in a pistol caliber, and double barrel, lever or 1897 pump action shotguns. We are located at 479 Pearson Road in Heber Springs, Arkansas. Our website is:
The Outlaw Travis James
Panhandle Cowboys
  Welcome to the home of The Panhandle Cowboys. Monthly matches are held on the 2nd Sunday of each month at the Escambia River Gun Club (ERGC) range. Monthly matches consist of Four or Six Stages (60 rounds-Pistol, 40 - 60 rounds-Rifle, 24-36 rounds-Shotgun). Optional side matches are sometimes scheduled following the main match and may include activities such as derringer, long range rifle, or wild bunch competitions. Everyone is invited to take a nostalgic trip back to the later half of the 1800's and experience the guns and attire of the Old West. Members are more than willing to explain the rules and procedures of the sport. It is usually possible to set up interested guests to shoot a stage or two following the main match. The club is sanctioned by the Single Action Shooting Society (SASS). SASS has over 100,000 members worldwide. This organization establishes the firearm, ammunition and attire requirements for the various shooting categories. In general, firearms required are two pistols, one rifle and one shotgun, all manufactured prior to 1900. Originals and reproductions are acceptable, but very few originals are used for the competition. Detailed requirements are available in the Shooter's Handbook available on the SASS WebSite
The Granite Mountain Outlaws
Welcome to The Granite Mountain Outlaws, one of SASS's newest Cowboy Action Shooting groups located in Chino Valley, AZ.  We hold our monthly matches the 3rd Sunday of the month at the Compass Training Center in Chino Valley, AZ, located on Perkinsville Road. Registration starts when the range opens and the match starts one hour later. Check Compass Training Center Events for range hours. 
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