Moonshine at Dark Corner
MOONSHINE, nestled in the foothills of South Carolina, is pretty quiet here now. It hasn't always been that way, after the War Between the States, people around these parts weren't very happy. The government decided they needed money so they started taxing the corn whiskey. Not much grows in these mountians but corn did very well and now the government wanted to take away our livelihood. That didn't set well with most people. The REVENUERS came and demanded money. If they didn't get money they busted up our stills. So the people did what they had to do. The whiskey was brewed in the middle of the night when no one was around. It worked pretty good, but, that is how we got the new name for corn whiskey, MOONSHINE. In the 20's, 30's and 40's the REVENUERS tried to wipe out the business. In '74 when we bought the property there were 30+ stills. The next day they were all gone. MOONSHINE is a quiet little town now except about once a month when the local cowboys head to town. You won't find any spirits here but we sure hope you will visit for the shootin' and stay for the friends. Happy Trails.  
Arkansas Leadslingers
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Frisco City, Arkansas (Near Rogers in NW Arkansas)   GPS Coordinates 12112 Arabian DriveN36* 24' 01" by W 093* 57' 39”  Next Door to 12112 Arabian Drive, Rogers, AR. Look for the Frisco City Name on the gate. Directions to the  Range: From the North or East get on AR Hwy 62 and go to Garfield, AR At Garfield:  Turn South on Hwy 127, right next to ‘The Buss Stop’, travel 1.8 miles turn on Ventris Road,. Travel 2.1 miles and turn right on Posey Mtn. Road. Travel .9 miles and turn left on Arabian Drive travel 1.2 miles to the SASS sign and turn to the left into a double gate.   From the South or West – Get on I-49. Take the US-62/AR-102 exit, EXIT 86, toward BENTONVILLE/ROGERS. Head East from Avoca: Turn East at the Red Light in Avoca, right next to the ‘Avoca One Stop’ after crossing rail road tracks veer to the right on Hwy. 74, which turns into Coosehollow Road, which turns into Posey Mtn. Road but stay on these roads which are all Benton County Hwy. 74, along the way you will pass the water treatment plant and the road will split with 74 going to the left, stay on 74, travel 5.9 miles and the road will split again you will have to turn to the left to stay on Posey Mtn. Rd. from this turn it is .6 miles then turn right on Arabian Drive, travel .9 miles and turn to the right into a double gate. Second and Fourth Saturday  of every Month
Monument Springs Bushwackers
Monument Springs Bushwackers are located in Hobbs, NM. We shoot every fourth Saturday of the month. Safety meeting is at 8:30 and we start ringin’ it in at 9:00. See y’all there!! 🤠
Happy Shootzmore
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