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Firewater Bandit
by on May 28, 2019

While I was shooting at the Roughshod Raider's match this past weekend, our very own Moog mentioned to me about blogging my shoots, which I thought was a great idea. So, I will try to start doing this after each weekend to talk about my continuing journey through the world of Cowboy Action Shooting. Why? you might ask. Simply because I love to shoot and I love to write and this gives me a chance to do both. So, sit back, put your clicks on (Delta Glen), and enjoy the wild ride that is my life in SASS.

Saturday morning was a later rise than I am accustomed to when it comes to cowboy matches. Living in St. Augustine has changed a few of our routes, making it a bit more difficult to get to some of our favorite matches, but it has given us a chance to try some new ones as well. One of these shoots is a little gem known as the Cowford Regulators in Jacksonville, Florida. These guys sure do know how to have some fun, and this past Saturday was no exception.

This match was a speed match with a twist every now and then to keep us on our toes. If I heard correctly, the stages were written by Cast Iron Cookie, who must be a Doors fan because the starting lines were all Doors' songs.  We were graced by "Riders on the Storm" and my personal favorite stage of the day, "Break on Through (To the Other Side)." I did my best to sing each song, which was cheered by a resonate army of crickets. I suppose I should stick to letting my steel sing for me.

Every Stage was a stand and deliver style shoot, which allowed for some good transition practice and a decent amount of speed. There were not many "dump" targets, however, so there was also a good amount of aiming involved, especially on some targets that were a little further than we are normally accustomed. I would like to say that I shot clean and speedy, but that would simply be a lie. I walked away with six misses overall and a third place overall ribbon.

For quite some time now, Little Dead Drewster, Midwest Hale, and I have had this good-natured rivalry where we each seem to take turns beating the other at different matches. Drewster got me this time and came in second for the day. Well done, bud. Christian Mortician took first for the day and won with grace as usual. I am gunning for him, but I think I still have a long way to go. Hale did well, as usual, but didn't place as highly as she would have liked due to some shotgun issues. Things happen. She has beaten my butt more times than I like admitting.

Overall, Saturday was a great shoot with some even greater people. It had been a while since Hale and I had gone there, and it was nice to see some friendly faces that we have been missing for a while. The shooting could have gone better, but, alas, isn't that always the case? I walked away thinking that I had gotten some good practice that would prepare me for the Raider's match on Sunday, and I did, but to no avail.

Sunday morning came around, and my head was pounding like forty-year, whore house veteran. For, you see, I went and purchased a motorcycle after the shoot at Cowford and Hale and I spent the night celebrating our highway liberation. For those of you that know me, this is not hard to imagine. Anyway, I woke at some dark hour, pulled myself into what I was hoping was cowboy clothing, and proceeded to climb into the front passenger seat of our car. I blinked and we were in the parking lot of the Roughshod Raiders. I'd like to say that I was then bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, but I still needed my morning coffee, which came from a grungy gas station up the road.

When I was finally ready for the shoot, I proceeded to have a miss on my first stage of the day and then prepared myself for a repeat of the day before. This was not the case, however, since my coffee kicked in and I shot clean the rest of the day until the last shot of the final stage. I guess I was ready to get to the roast beef lunch that the Raiders had provided.

Delta sure did break out the stops at this match and I must say I had a lot of fun shooting the different, yet challenging stages. Many of you have heard Hale and I say, "We never miss a Raider's match," and this match was a good example of exactly why. Though the heat was out in force and making us all flush our systems of toxins, the stages made us think while also providing challenges that tested our skills. Delta sure does like his knock-downs and we had two stages with fourteen knock-downs each. I can proudly say I nailed it on my first stage, but a pistol round got away from me on the second, which I had to make up with my shotgun.

If the trend is starting to show through, yes, I do miss with my pistols on a regular basis. Which is why I had my good friend El Que Jones rig up my pistols with some big beautiful bertha sights. Not only do the pistols look great, but they have also increased my accuracy already, and I am still getting used to them. So, hopefully, my days of having six-nine misses during a match will be far behind me. Stay tuned, though. I may have to actually start aiming to overcome this problem.

My best stage of the day was stage five. A video of me shooting this stage can be found on my Facebook page or click here, and you can see I had a decent run on this one. The stage was set to have split pistols: pistol, shotgun, rifle, pistol. My first pistol came out and ran great, but my shotgun was a little on the slower side. See, I went to use my shotgun at Cowford and opened it to find that the firing pin was sticking out of the front. So I was down a shotgun, and my good friend Little Dead Drewster was there to save the day by letting me borrow his Baikal. I thought I was accustomed to the double-trigger after having to borrow so many while my shotgun was broken last time, but I was wrong. I was struggling to find that second trigger all day Saturday and Sunday, and you can see it in my video with the delays between shotgun shots. The rifle was good and I made a good transition to my second pistol for the last five rounds.

I ended up placing seventh overall at the Raider's match with only two misses for the day. Of course, I wanted to be higher on the list, but then I got to see who I would have had to beat to get any higher and I suddenly became satisfied with where I was. Every month I get a little faster, and I am learning that progress, even when it is small, is still progress.

Because of my night of excessive "celebrating" and the blanket of hell-heat that Florida decided to bless us with this weekend, I found myself monitoring the unloading table for the majority of the day. The Raiders had been kind enough to set up tents to block the sun, and this was the only place at which I didn't feel like I was going to pass out. But because of my state, checking the unloading table gave me a chance to talk to everyone, which was wonderful, though, apparently I got carried away at one point and was distracting while a stage was getting read. Hawkeye Gin graciously dubbed me "Foghorn Leghorn" after that, which I do say, I mean I do say, made me tighten my lips after feeling the even hotter heat of her glare. I tell ya, I wouldn't want to be on the other end of that girl's nightstick. Much love there, Officer Bernal! Besides sharing good times with Ginnie, I got to talk and witness some of the crazier antics on the range. Moog had a hard time with the first knock-down stage and unleashed the power of the Sith by taking his SKB and knocking down the static make-up target. The way that thing moved, I was almost convinced that his midichlorian count was starting to rise.

As always, the cowboy community graces us with an assortment of smiling faces and just wonderful people in general, and many of these people brought a smile to my face on more than one occasion. It was good to see Bummy McGraw; he sure is one funny dude, and nice as the day is long. I really appreciated him letting me use his chair while at the unloading table, and he seemed pretty appreciative of how I carried it from one stage to the other for him. I had a good time with Madame Moog at the unloading table, as well; we even discovered another object that needs to be cleared after a shoot: your hat! It was pretty hilarious the way she would come to the table and systematically place all her guns down before bowing her head to shake the shells out of her hat.  Maybe we should call that thanking the cowboy gods for a good shoot? The Outlaw Travis James finally made it up to a Raider's match, and it was wonderful to have him there. That guy has got it bad, let me tell ya. He drove all the way from Jupiter to Gainesville for this match, and had a little trouble with his rifle, but walked away with his head high and smiling as if he had just found a gold nugget. A class act, that guy. He is certainly a wonderful addition to this community.

Smiling for no reason. I find myself doing the same thing often during this sport. Who knew that this community would become such a gold nugget in our lives and I am truly appreciative at every shoot for God blessing me with this new family of wonderful people with which to play this sport. I would say friends, but family is probably more accurate. Friends are people that you just hang out with and have fun with, and though we all do that, we also laugh and cry together; fight and commiserate together; conquer and fall together.  Someone may have just pissed you off, but never for a moment would that person not have your back or be there to help you if you needed it. Hope exists in the world, and it is called Cowboy Action Shooting.

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The Outlaw Travis James
Great blog "Last Call". I think you may have found your second calling, after CAS, of course!
May 30, 2019
Kay Sadeeya
Good read! Thank you for blogging 1f642.png.
June 1, 2019
Thanks my friend and keep it blogging. You can borrow anything and everything anytime. As, I have learned in the few months I have been joining you guys and girls “That’s the cowboy way”! 🤠
June 1, 2019
Looking forward to the next one.
June 2, 2019