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Firewater Bandit
by on October 7, 2019

To all my favorite Gunslingers,

Welcome back! What a match we had this past Sunday. The stages were written to be challenging and make everyone think, and they certainly didn't disappoint. Thank you, everyone, for your kind words and inspiration to keep on writing.

We started stage one with obstacles to shoot around for every gun. When I read the stage, I saw the looks of doubt, especially for the section about the rifle, but everyone did well to move legally, and some even impressed with their ability to stretch out and grab that second target while maintaining cover. I'm looking at you, Bummy; that was impressive work.

Stage two was a nice break with a simple S+D, but three and four had us shooting through windows and moving through doorways made from barrels. Stage four had an option of either going left or right through a doorway, and I was impressed by how our cowboys and cowgirls worked with the obstacles. Misfire Mordecai had a great run here, laying down a 25-second stage like the obstacles were not a big deal. It was also nice to have him on the range. Mordecai, Willy Whiskers, and Marshal Dn Troop came from the Cowford crew to show their support, and we were so pleased to have their energy on the range with us.

Stage five and six brought a little target movement for us with the swinging ship that swung in front of a couple of knock-downs. Everyone approached this challenge differently, and it was quite the spectacle to be sure. One of my new heroes, Biscuit, put down some amazing work. He stated that he needed some help with the target orders, but Delta and I were pretty sure he was sandbagging us with how confidently he took on the stages.

We had two new shooters come out to the range: Run Around Squatchy and No Hat Rob. Both of these fellahs dazzled us veterans with their newbie skills. I am sure we will be seeing more of them around because I think they both caught the cowboy bug.

Light Load came out to see us, and, as always, it was a pleasure to have his cheery personality and sense of humor brightening everyone's day. It was good to have Macinaw shoot with us, as well. He impressed me with his Wild Bunch shooting, mainly because of his willingness to clean a '73 rifle. For those who know what a character Mac is, you will understand this.

I also want to make mention of Chertrock Chuck and how he broke into the 20's during this match. Congratulations are in order for him, for he is truly coming along as a competent cowboy.

So, we finished the match with four clean shooters: Delta Glen, Willy Whiskers, Biscuit, and Me. Congratulations to all of you! I also want to congratulate Delta Glen on being our top overall shooter, and Midwest Hale for being our top lady shooter.

At the end of the day, everyone seemed to have a good time, and that makes me as the match-writer very happy. I'm writing next month's stages again and will be sure to bring my best effort for everyone's enjoyment.

I want to thank Chicken Scratch for helping set up the match, and I also want to thank Midwest Hale, Run Around Squatchy, Bummy Mcgraw, and Delta Glen for sticking around to help tear down. Cowboys and Cowgirls are what make this sport so very special, and without those helping hands, none of this would be possible.

Until next month, Partners.

Firewater Bandit


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The Outlaw Travis James
Sounds like a great time! Hated to miss it.
October 8, 2019