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Publish Date: January 27, 2019
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Belton Bushwhackers
Next Match Is May 8th! Don't forget if you want to save ammo, try the government category... 2 stages no pistols, 2 stages no rifle, and 2 stages no shotgun. Or Big Buckaroo... 22s but normal round c... View More
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December 12... Lots of fun props... shoot that Earp boy through the saloon window... face off in the OK corral... walk on water and put Curly Bill down... hope you can come, I just don't think I could... View More
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The Outlaw Travis James
Sounds like a lot of fun! Wish we could make it up there.
December 1, 2020
Scarlett Darlin
It is a great place to shoot!! Our state match is gonna be here April 8-10!!! You should come if you can!!
December 3, 2020
Just got our new star from redstitchtargets!
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