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By: on August 1, 2019
This was a topic that was posted over in our SASS Florida Group on Facebook and my reply was very long so I decided to make a blog out of it.     I am a born and raised Florida native and when I was a kid of about 6 years old my uncle takes me out to a hunting ground. He tells me that he wants to let me shot this big gun called a muzzle loader. He pulls out this monstrosity of a gun that was twice as long as I was. Turns out it was a .58 caliber with something like a 40" barrel.  He wal...
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By: on February 25, 2019
This week was a very busy and productive one in regards to CAS.  My girlfriend, Chickie Winsome, has been talking about her interest in shooting CAS.  She comes to most of the shoots and has become our un-official photographer and my videographer.  We have somewhat half-heartedly been looking for some guns for her to buy.  But over the past few weeks she has really been shopping.  I showed her a few websites like GunBroker.com, Armlist.com, GunsAmerica.com and ye olde faithful (even if i...
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By: on February 18, 2019
This will be the first entry into what I plan on having as a weekly or so blog recapping the weekend shoots.  This weekend is as good as any to start because it was the first time I have shot in consecutive days.  I am still new to CAS attending my first match in August of last year.  I shot after the OK Corral Outlaws monthly match with the Club President Seth Adams but not during the actual match.  The first full shoot I had was in September during the Gold Coast Gunslingers Main Match....
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