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3-19 The ides of march

Lake County Pistoleros shoot the 3rd

Saturday Every Month.

Publish Date: February 26, 2018

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Lake County Pistoleros
The Ides of March/FL State Championship has been postponed. New dates to be determined. Following federal guidelines, the Florida Governor has ordered the cancellation of all events of more than 250...View More
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Well this sucks but I completely understand. I know it was a tough call to make. It had to be heartbreaking to have to do this and I thank all of y'all for your dedication and hard work. Looking forward to the rescheduling.
Double Tap Taylor
Understand why, i cant make it back down. Just to much distance.
Better safe than sorry!
Ray Barber
Bummer. But the right call.
Made the right call
I am really bummed but i do think it was the correct decision.
Hayley Michling
Heart broken