Ides Of March 2019

March 15th-17th

Mark the dates on your calandar, More information to come.

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shared a few photos
We had a good day for shooting, weather couldn't have been better. A special thanks to the folks working the timers. Reader and Just Joan
Lake County Pistoleros
The February LCP match as come and gone with 51 shooters enjoying the nice weather and fast six stages. Who knows some of those stages could be seen again in the near future. Next is the Ides of Ma...View More
The Outlaw Travis James
I had a great time at the shoot this weekend! Great stages, great range, great company. I am really excited for the Ides which will be my first multi day shoot. See you guys in less than a month.
Lake County Pistoleros
Ides of March Events Schedule Thursday March 14, 2019 8:00am to ??? Match setup of 10 stages. Please email if can help. You need gloves and wear something that can get pai...View More
Smart*, you know I carry my gloves to every match and will be honored to help tear down. Wish I could be there to set up, but not this time. Can't wait for "The Ides."
Renegade Roger
Will be there..drills, bits, anything else? saws? power washers? cut offs?
Lake County Pistoleros
Thanks to everyone who attended the LCP January match. With a total of 48 shooters, we had three lively posse's for the six stages. I really do appreciate all the feedback that my fellow shooters ar...View More
Lake County Pistoleros
LCP will host it's monthly match this coming Saturday with check in starting at 8 and rounds downrange at 9. Six stages and we will be using the town. General meeting and safety will be held in fron...View More
Lake County Pistoleros
The December match has been cancelled due to the weather. Just did not look good for either the setup crew on the match. So have a happy Christmas and a great New Year and see you in 2019!!! Sma...View More
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Lake County Pistoleros
Fall finally arrived with a crisp morning start and a cool day to shoot. 34 shooters signed up and enjoyed six stages. One had a chance to win a Publix gift card and another had 17 knockdowns with sh...View More
Was a good match. I had fun even though i got dirt in my shotgun.
Lake County Pistoleros
With the cooler weather we will make use of the town this month. Also, we will have a stage were each shooter will have an opportunity to win a ticket for Publix $25 gift card for use this coming Tha...View More
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Lake County Pistoleros
LCP match this weekend! gate open around 8 shooting starts around 9. Bring your friends! Stand By........... BEEEEEEP!
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Great day and a great match. Only needed two Excedrin when I got home. Smart* said no food until match tore down. I 've never seen so many helpers and everthing put up in record time. Romeo and his wi...View More
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