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Lake County Pistoleros 3rd Saturday Every Month

Ides Of March 2022

SASS Florida State Championship

March 17th-20th 2022

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Workday Wednesdays

Lake County Pistoleros
Cowboy Action Shooting
Workshop Wednesday’s

We are working on Scenery, Knock-Downs & General Organization
Please wear long pants, heavy boots and bring work gloves

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Publish Date: February 26, 2018
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Lake County Pistoleros
Lake County Pistoleros
Greta D received her well deserved regulator badge. Thanks for putting up with us!
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Lake County Pistoleros
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Lake County Pistoleros
Lake County Pistoleros
We have some great stages for you coming up this Saturday at The Eustis Gun Club. Have you ever shot between two horses? Don't miss the fun, see you out there! Blazing Saddles
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Lake County Pistoleros
Lake County Pistoleros
Lake County Pistoleros – Shooters Helping Shooters Not shooting our monthly match ‘cause you are out of ammo or primers? A generous benefactor has graciously offered to supply one lucky shooter wit... View More
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Lake County Pistoleros
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