August 7, 2018
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Kay Sadeeya
I love to keep score, but I voted for picking up brass since I do that a lot too haha. Spotting is not my first choice but I enjoy it as well :).
I like to keep score, as it allows me to learn the names of those that I have not shot with. However, I am game for any job. I also could be a photographer and videographer at times. Is videographer a word??????
Dynamite Deed
scoring or running the timer
Spotting, picking brass, unloading table, whatever needs done.
I like to keep score. As someone who has entered scores for hundreds of matches and encountered the poor handwriting, math errors, etc., I enjoy this task and also enjoy teaching it to others. I will do and have done all posse jobs except working the tables. I prefer to be up at the shooting line...View More