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The Outlaw Travis James
on September 29, 2019 102 views
Chickie still isn't up to shooting a full match yet after her surgery but she wanted to practice while we were shooting the match yesterday. Afterwards I went over and timed her running through a stage. She broke into the 20's for the first time! There's another Lady Wrangler to be recokened with now...
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Arcadia Outlaw
Hope Chickie is back to shooting matches soon
The Outlaw Travis James
She is planning on shooting the Iron Cowboy match.
Midwest Hale
That is so awesome!!! You better start looking out OTJ!
The Outlaw Travis James
Trust me, I am getting nervous. No dresses here....
Chickie Winsome
I was thinking something in red, to accentuate the ginger beard 😂
Scarlett Darlin
Well done!!!
Nice stage