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Santa Rosa Slinger
on December 22, 2019 69 views
My run through Stage 6 at the Lake County Pistoleros Monthly SASS Match on 12/21/2019, which was my second cowboy action shooting match ever! My Snapchat Spectacles only captured the first 15 seconds, but big thanks to Chickie Winsome for filming the whole thing in third-person!
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Scarlett Darlin
Awesome!! So glad you came back! Hope you KEEP coming back and that i get to meet you in March at either Dark Day or Ides!
Good run Santa Rosa. Love the side by side footage. Pretty cool. You sure you have only been to two matches? I remember my first two matches and being timed by a sun dial.
Santa Rosa Slinger
Haha, thank you. Let’s just chalk this up to beginner’s luck and/or superb initial coaching from all of you!
The Outlaw Travis James
Very nice run. I thought those were cameras in your glasses. Very cool. It was fun being on your posse and TOing a couple of your stages. You will do very good. Safety first and the rest will come. Sorry I dodnt catch your P before. I am still learning how to be a good TO. 🤠
Santa Rosa Slinger
I’m glad to be getting some use out of my totally nerdy glasses purchase. 🤓 It was great to finally meet you in person! No hard feelings about that one stage — in fact, I appreciate your and everyone’s mentoring and the P was a good lesson for me. Looking forward to shooting with you guys more!
Chickie Winsome
It was a pleasure meeting and shooting with you! Looking forward to the next time.