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The Outlaw Travis James
on February 4, 2020 48 views
The OK Corral Outlaws hosted their 3rd Annual "Shootout at the OK Corral" in Okeechobee, FL at the OK Corral Gun Club on Saturday, January 25th, 2020. The weather was absolutely perfect all day and the 8 stages were top notch. Congrats to Top Gun Santa Fe River Stand and Ladies Top Gun Midwest Hale. We had 6 clean shooters for the match: Badlands Barry, Cheyenne Culpepper, Crane Creek Kid, Gadfly, Poncho, and Whiskey Dixon.
Top 10:
1) Santa Fe River Stan
2) Bucky Buckskin
3) Angus McNasty
4) Crane Creek Kid
5) Delta Glen
6) Cheyenne Culpepper
7) The Outlaw Travis James
8) Jeremiah Longknife
9) Blood Washed
10) Arcadia Outlaw
Ladies Top 5:
1) Midwest Hale
2) Velvet Sheath
3) Madame Moog
4) Chickie Winsome
5) Chica
Detailed scores can be found at the below link:
#OKCorralGunClub #OkeechobeeFL #Outlaws
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Hey pard, that's some pretty darn good shootin'.
The Outlaw Travis James
Smarty told me that I was right at 16 seconds when I had to ring around my Ruger.
The Outlaw Travis James
Thanks Tree.