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Santa Rosa Slinger
on May 31, 2020 84 views

In short: Yes, if you're willing to do a little modification. This is a brief demonstration of the iTarget Laser Firearm Training System ( in a lever-action rifle and single-action revolvers commonly used in the Single Action Shooting Society, a.k.a. Cowboy Action Shooting.

(Sorry for the low resolution and any abrupt transitions... I recorded this using my Snapchat Spectacles which can be very handy for short action clips, but have several limitations when trying to record longer videos!)

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Camo Cowboy
That is very cool and glad you figured it out.
June 1, 2020
I bought w version of this a few years back that didn't work as good as this one seemed to work. my problem was the laser would fire when i hammered the pistol.
June 1, 2020
Excellent video Slinger. Thanks for sharing.
June 1, 2020