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Santa Rosa Slinger
on July 19, 2020 101 views

As I started diving deeper into CAS, I remember watching video after video of fast/prominent shooters and being impressed but admittedly intimidated by their skill. I know that they got to that point with time, patience, and plenty of practice, but I still occasionally find myself getting discouraged by my "bad" stages.

I felt that it would be a misrepresentation of myself as a newer shooter if I only shared videos of my "good" stages, especially from this match since I'm fortunate to have so much footage from it. My middle four stages featured several newbie mistakes that I made and need to work on, and I always appreciate everyone's advice to help me with that. I'm hoping the lessons I learned are helpful for other newer shooters too:

  • I shouldn't let misses get to me as much as they currently do (e.g. the head-shaking and under-the-breath comments). It drags me out of "the zone" which often leads to only more mistakes. Several people have pointed this out to me, but I appreciate The Outlaw Travis James for specifically talking to me about it after TO'ing me throughout this match. (As others also joked about it: No need to give the spotters confirmation of every miss I make!)
  • I really need to brush out my side-by-side between every stage so I don't have as much trouble shucking those hulls out.
  • I need to put the shotgun on my shoulder to keep it at eye-level while reloading.
  • I should continue to always load two shells in a side-by-side even if there's only a single target to hit. Put another way that I've heard before, "never underestimate your own ability to mess up!"
  • I need to pull the rifle into my shoulder more to get a better mount and keep it stable when attempting to shoot fast.
  • I need to remember (or at least consciously recheck) the condition of my rifle before attempting a reload so I know whether to load from the top or from the side. For example: Make sure the lever is completely open before attempting an over-the-top reload or it simply won't work. When attempting an into-the-side reload, push the cartridge all the way in the FIRST time in a smooth motion.
  • It is much easier than I thought to lose track of your pistol/rifle ammo count on "knock them all down" and "round count" stages.
  • I should really consider formally sighting in my revolvers. Not only is it essential for those occasional precision-based stages, but it would hopefully help to reduce my misses on typical stages too.
  • Once again: I need to work on not letting any of these flubs rattle me so much to where I start "train-wrecking"!
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RK Carroll
Very well said. Remember, even though this is a competion sport, you truly are only trying to beat one person...yourself. Which on the other side you are the one that can defeat yourself, get the negitivity out. If you have a bad stage forget that, focus on the next in positive mind set. Arcadia Out... View More
July 19, 2020
The Outlaw Travis James
You shot very well. If you never have train wreck stages then you probably are not pushing yourself hard enough to see marked improvements. Look at my last 2 on Saturday. HA! The Moogster would have been proud of those. I was really bad about getting on myself and it is still a challenge for me... View More
July 19, 2020 Edited
Santa Rosa Slinger
Thanks for the kind words, and ! After hearing that good advice from you and several others, I will consciously try to take it to heart. I'm working on finding that balance of pushing myself to improve while still enjoying the ride, accepting and learning from the o... View More
July 19, 2020