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Santa Rosa Slinger
on April 3, 2021 29 views
This was an incredibly fun stage at today’s match that challenged us to a “transition extravaganza” because of how its barriers/targets were set up and its prescribed gun order: shotgun, first pistol, shotgun again, rifle, then second pistol. I decided to engage it as a double duelist, shooting my first revolver under the shotgun I was still holding in my other hand. It ended up going well and I had an absolute blast! Big kudos to Delta Glen and the Roughshod Raiders for another great match.
Unfortunately, my point-of-view camera malfunctioned during the match which resulted in no meaningful footage being captured for me to share. As a result, I am especially appreciate the Outlaw Travis James for catching this (and all of our other stages) on video! Be sure to check out his channel for more Cowboy Action Shooting videos:
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Nice run. I like how you didnt put the shotgun down.
April 4, 2021
I liked how he shot under the coach gun. Like a Boss! No need for a good sight picture. I can see Outlaw category in the future for Slinger!
April 4, 2021
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Santa Rosa Slinger
Hmm, Outlaw... sounds and looks fun, so maybe one day! 😇 Though you were on the other posse, I heard you shot this stage similarly. I wish I could have seen it!
April 4, 2021
Camo Cowboy
Very cool run and looked challenging. You did great. Thanks for the video
April 4, 2021