Panhandle Cattle Company
We are a SASS-affiliated cowboy action shooting club and we shoot on the 4th Saturday of the month. We are located at 1963 Hard Labor Road in Chipley, Florida. Come visit us at our website at
Confedrate Colt
Kay Sadeeya
Fort White Cowboy Cavalry
The Fort White Cowboy Cavalry is part of the Fort White Gun Club Inc, in Fort White, Florida. Fort White is 25 miles northwest of Gainesville, Florida on US 27 & Florida State Route 47.  Range address is 18808 Highway 47, Fort White Florida.  The Cowboy Cavalry is a SASS affiliated Cowboy Action Shooting Group. Our goal is to promote the sport of Cowboy Action style shooting with safety above all. Next is the “Spirit of the Game” sometimes called “the Cowboy Way” which is good sportsmanship, friendliness & willingness to help your pards. Last, but by no means least is FUN – we want you to have a good time! Our Cowboy Action Range is for Cowboy Action Events.   COWBOY SHOOTIN’ SCHEDULE Our monthly match is the 2nd Saturday of the month, six stages rain or shine. Sign up – 8 a.m. Start time – 9 a.m. Fee is $10.00 for FWGC Members – $12.00 Non-Members.   Annual Match – “18th Annual Shootout on the Santa Fe” - November 9th & 10th, 2018 Southeastern Territorial Black Powder Championship – “Darkness Falls” – March 7th, 2019 International Black Powder Championship – “A Dark Day On The Santa Fe” – March 8th-9th, 2019
Captain Blaster
Confedrate Colt
Red Hills Rangers
The Red Hills Rangers is a cowboy action shooting club formed in 2016. Cowboy action shooting is a timed 4-gun sport involving firearms in use in the 1800’s Old West, specifically two single action revolvers, a lever (or pump) action rifle, and a shotgun, typically a double barrel SxS or Winchester ’97 pump. Only lead bullets and shot are allowed. Velocities are restricted in order to minimize splatter. Targets are mostly steel plate, in sizes and set at distances designed to promote action. Shooters use a registered alias and dress in period costumes or outfits drawn from B Western films and television shows. For more information on Cowboy Action Shooting, visit the Single Action Shooting Society (SASS) website: All matches are governed by safety and related rules promulgated nationally by SASS. The Red Hills Rangers are graciously sponsored by Talon Range, a facility dedicated to numerous shooting disciplines and, in particular, to the creation of a first-class Cowboy Action Shooting venue. Matches are held monthly and an 8-stage annual match is held each year. The building of cowboy stage fronts is funded through donations of money, materials and labor and through sponsorship's, with the objective of enhancing the Old West experience for shooters. Few who try Cowboy Action Shooting ever turn back. It is instantly addictive—and as most will tell you: you come for the shooting and stay for the friendships. Grab yer’ guns, pard. If yo’re new to CAS, come out anyway and we’ll see if we can’t get you some guns to use a time or two.
Roughshod Raiders
About Us The Roughshod Raiders is a fledgling club conceived when we were approached by the management of the Gainesville Target Range, Inc. They offered the use of their action bays, an open weekend day, and a welcoming attitude toward Cowboy Action Shooting. The match focus will be on lots of action and SHOOTING! Delta Glen, Hawkeye Gin, Rooster Ray, and Johnny Showchaps are in charge of the match. Santa Fe River Stan is our TG. Our version of Cowboy Action Shooting is best described as tactical shooting with 2 single-action revolvers, a lever- or pump-action rifle, and a double barrel or hammered pump shotgun. The targets will vary in size and array but will be at close range. Emphasis will be on fast, safe shooting, and transitions from gun to gun and station to station. Our working motto is “Action is our middle name.” We love to have spectators and are happy to give shooting tutorials. If you want to give this sport a try, contact one of us or visit our match and ask to try it out!
Lake County Pistoleros
SASS Cowboy Action Shooting Club. Monthly match every 3rd Saturday of the month.  Start time is 9am with six stages.  Gun club members cost is $10 and non-members is $15.  First time shooters shoot free.  Also free if you just want to watch.  Be fore-warned you might end up on the line trying you hand with a six-shooter, rifle or shotgun or all three. New Shooters always welcome!!!  If you are new to the area, just visiting, and/or new to Cowboy Action Shooting do come on down as we will make you welcome and help you get started in a great sport.  Bring family and friends as this is a sport spectators can enjoy (bring a chair). Eye and ear protection required but can be purchased a minimum cost at the range.  Found out how fun bang and clang can be!! For more information contact the Match Director Smart Asterisk Email: Use the menu above to borwse page.