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By: on June 17, 2019
Saturday morning was too dark and just a bit hazy for me, so I enjoyed a nice nap on the way to Eustis, courtesy of my better half, Midwest Hale. This cowboy spent a little too much time in the saloon the night before, and my other alias, Last Call, came out to play. I did awake in time to enjoy spotting some white tails while riding through the Ocala National Forest, and the sunrise over the Emeralda Marsh Conservation Area was quite stunning. What a beautiful day for shooting, I thought as ...
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By: on June 11, 2019
Saturday morning came too early for me, as usual, and I forgot to check the weather before hopping on my trusty iron horse and charging forward under sinister skies. When my eyes were finally able to focus on more than the black highway and noticed the similarly colored clouds, it was too late, and I rode forward with nothing more than prayers for sunshine and swift shooting. I received neither, however, and thus is my tale of failed transitions, fatal misses and one big fat "P"! I arrived, f...
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