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3-19 The ides of march

Lake County Pistoleros shoot the 3rd

Saturday Every Month.

Publish Date: February 26, 2018

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Smart* I thought it was a great match. My four misses and a P on stage one was because I didn't position my rifle on my shoulder then stopped to talk about it and then restarted on the wrong target. ...View More
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The Outlaw Travis James
I agree with you SDG. I am not seeing why all the complaints. I had a fun day as well.
i didn't shoot it but i have been on the receiving end of LCP's stage complaints a time or 2 myself. Can't make everyone happy. i still think my Spaghetti Western Space Western Stages were awesome. JUST LIKE BEGGARS CANYON BACK HOME!!!!!!!!!
im gonna beat Shoulda Dun Gun to it, he loved my bowling for targets stage. i got 2 votes, mine and Madame.
I thought you won.
I did! Madame said mine was the best.