Workday Wednesdays

Lake County Pistoleros
Cowboy Action Shooting
Workshop Wednesday’s

We are working on Scenery, Knock-Downs & General Organization
Please wear long pants, heavy boots and bring work gloves

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Monthly Match

April 17 2021

Lake County Pistoleros 3rd Saturday Every Month

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Publish Date: February 26, 2018
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Wall Comment

Renegade Roger
You heard of "Wet and Wild"? Well that was our monthly match! Rains came down around the 4th stage and outlasted some of our shooters. OK, those of ;us that remained and shot in between the drops m... View More
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Good one Roger. Yes, there were more comments about the Gunboat than the shooting at times. Glad we all had a great time. I got home and did a deep clean on all guns. They are ready to rock and roll in Ruskin next Sunday!
April 18, 2021