Big Salty "Ghost Town of the West"
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Big Salty, is a Cowboy Ation Shooting Range outside of Salt Lake City to the west. The range host multi-clubs and rarely is there not a Saturday where Cowboys and Cowgirls are throwing Lead. can find more info at    
Five County Regulators
Wild Bunch and Cowboy Action Shooting every month on the 4th Sunday at Hansen Range and Gun Club, 27700 Zemel Rd., Punta Gorda, FL 33955.  Check out our sister club the Southwest Florida Gunslingers, for CAS every 3rd Saturday and our annual match, "Shootout in the Swamp" in the fall.  Club Marshall: Vaquero Tom,  239-634-1898,  Co-Marshall & Match Director: Lawless Len, 239-338-8455,  Territorial Governor: Preacherman, 239-878-3579, 
Southwest Florida Gunslingers
SASS Cowboy Action Matches every month month on the 3rd Saturday.  Also see our sister club, the Five County Regulators shooting Wild Bunch and CAS on the 4th Sunday each month.  Look for our annual match, "Shootout in the Swamp" each fall.   Hansen Range and Gun Club, 27700 Zemel Rd., Punta Gorda, FL 33955 Club Marshall: Vaquero Tom, 239-634-1898,  Co-Marshall & Match Director: Lawless Len, 239-338-8455,  Territorial Governor: Preacherman, 239-878-3579,   
Belton Bushwhackers
Welcome to the Belton Bushwhackers! We are a Single Action Shooting Society (SASS) cowboy action shooting club located at the Belton Gun Club in Belton, South Carolina.   FUN AND SAFE Our goal is a fun club that welcomes all shooters at all levels.  We hope to build our ranks and the shooting sports through community involvement and the open acceptance of both new and veteran shooters.   We want to invite everyone to come out and shoot!
Shortgrass Rangers
SASS affiliated club located outside of Grandfield, Oklahoma.  Matches on the first and third Saturday of each month.  Annual match is normally the third weekend in July, known as Hell on the Prairie.  Club also has an all shotgun match each year, called the Great Shotgun Classic.  Come out and play cowboy with us!
Illowa Irregulars - Illinois
We are a SASS affiliated club located on the west side of the state in Milan, IL.  We operate out of the Milan Rifle Club and have a great cowboy town, with lots of shade, great props, lunch on site and fun, six stage matches.  We shoot on the third Sunday of the month Cowboy and on the Saturday before we have a Wild Bunch match. Our contact information is: Justice James Newton (309) 236-5082 Mountain Man Champ (309) 235-9619