Ghost Town Gunslingers
St. Augustine, Florida’s very own Cowboy Action Shooting club is back! Come join us on the first Sunday of every month October- May to ring some steel and have a good time!  You can find the Ghost Town Gunslingers at Ancient City Shooting Range- 3021 Agricultural Center Dr. St. Augustine, FL 32092  Registration starts at 8:00am and the first shots go down range at 9:00am! Cost will be $10 dollars for members, and $15 dollars for non-members.  Please contact Midwest Hale through the Action Shooting Network if you have any questions! 
Dark Day On The Santa Fe
Welcome to A Dark Day On The Santa Fe, the SASS International Black Powder Championship! Join use Friday March 8th and Saturday March 9th, 2019 for 10 stages of some of best black powder shooting SASS has to offer.    We are also hosting “Darkness Falls” the SASS Southeastern Territorial Black Powder Championship on Thursday March 7th! 3 Days 16 Stages 2 Championships Are you cowboy enough to come to the Dark Side?   For more information visit    
Northfield Raiders at Panorama Sportsman's Club
We shoot the 3rd Sunday of the month. We host our Great Northfield Raid Annual every November. Registration starts at 8 a.m., shooting starts at 9 a.m. Cowboy Action Shooting One of our favorite activities around here (besides Trap and Plinking) is Cowboy Action Shooting! Not to be confused with "quick draw", Cowboy Action Shooting utilizes live ammunition, steel targets, multiple firearms (revolvers, rifle, shotgun) and a whole lot of 1880's era hoo-ya. If you're not familiar with the sport, then check out the description on our Intro to Cowboy Action Shooting Class page. But if you are a cowboy shooter.... then this is the club you want to shoot with.
Cajon Cowboys
We shoot the 2nd and 4th Saturday of the month. Registration at 8, shooting starts at 9 a.m. 6 stages on 2nd Saturday and 8 stages the 4th Saturday. We also shoot on the 5th Saturday of the month, when there is one. Cajon Cowboys  
Double R Bar Regulators
"Double R Bar is a Cowboy Shooting Club. We promote and provide the local public with training and the opportunity to participate in the sport of Cowboy Action Shooting (CAS). At these events we use live rounds, steel targets, and timed stages. We are affiliated with the Single Action Shooting Society (SASS) and all shooting events and firearms used by club members follow SASS guidelines for the safety of all participants and spectators."   The Double R Bar Regulators club was founded in June of 1997. This ‘little club with a big heart’ has grown rapidly and has earned its reputation for having lots of good, honest fun. Regulators enjoy the camaraderie of friends while exercising their love of the Old West lifestyle and Second Amendment rights.   We are history come to life in our dress and our beliefs. Double R Bar Regulators take great pride in displaying their insignias depicting the RR Bar brand, which is Roy Roger’s own. The Double R Bar club is proud to ‘ride for the brand’ of Roy and Dale. The Code of the West, as depicted in all of Roy’s and Dale’s movies, is very much alive with us. Woe to the varmint who forgets that!   Double R Bar regulators are encouraged, but not required, to join SASS and the NRA.   Monthly meetings are held on the second Sunday of each month after the shooting match.   Monthly shoots are held the second Sunday of the month at the Lions’ Pride Gun Range in Lucerne Valley, California. Beginning at 9:00 a.m. with a brief shooters’ meeting.   Call us Today!   Visitors and newcomers are always welcome to attend meetings and shoots as observers. Regulators new to the sport of Cowboy Action Shooting can get trained and mentored in the country’s fastest growing firearm-related sport. Brand new shooters are taught safe firearm handling along with Cowboy Action Shooting. Safety is the NUMBER ONE priority–through having a lot of fun is a close second.   In addition to shooting, the Double R Bar Regulators volunteer time to assist Happy Trails Children’s foundation and the Lions Club Pride. We can usually be found at any of the charity fund-raisers, Old West themed dances, or lending a hand (or gun) in impromptu stunt shows. We’ve been known to appear in local parades firing blanks as fast as we can (whenever we’re allowed), or livening up the local areas restaurants after a long day at the range. There’s nothing quite like a gang of period-dressed cowboys and cowgirls to add interest to any situation. 661-839-7058 P.O. Box 3105 Victorville, Ca 92393-3105 ©2017 by Double R Bar Regulators. Proudly created with Home About Membership Scores Events Range Info FAQ Stories   Club Officers Territorial Governor Range Officers Page  
The Cowboys of Norco
The Cowboys is a family oriented organization formed to promote the game of single action shooting and encourage the interaction among members by providing a safe, fun environment, quality leadership, special events and social activities. Furthermore, emphasis is placed on overall fiscal responsibility and the continuation of the quality of life, liberty and freedom. We shoot the 4th Sunday of the month, and host the SASS Western Divisional in October. Check the website for more details.  
Big Bend Bushwhackers
FLORIDA!  The Home of the rootin'est, tootin'est Cowboys you can imagine!  Our SASS affiliated club is based in Tallahassee, shootin' the 3rd Saturday of every month and our home range is situated on the south side of Leon County.  I will be adding some pitchers to these pages of our cowboy town, Dodge City. It is a sight to see, growing all the time and we welcome all Cowboy Action Shooters; Buckaroos/Buckarettes to El Patron/La Patrona, Tenderfeet and Gunslingers. We all have stories to tell and tricks to share. So, check us out at the Big Bend Bushwhackers website. Please excuse the slim pickin's on our site as our webmaster recently took out for the Open Range. But, you'll find directions to our home range, registration to our monthly match and a direct contact with yours truly there. YEEHAA!