Publish Date: February 11, 2016

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Johnny Moon
Looking to make 2019 my first year of Cowboy Action Shooting. I say it every year, but have yet to get involved. I have all the guns I need, just need ammo (or some reloading instruction/mentoring) an...View More
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Can't wait to have you a part of our posse. See ya soon!!!!
If you want to shoot I could make you some ammo and give you some pointers. Do you have a loader yet?
Johnny Moon
Yes, I have the old lee hand loader kit and a lee single stage press, and various other items, and even casting molds for 45lc which is what all of my guns shoot, except for the SS stagecoach shotgun and rolling block 45/70 :-) I actually tried casting some bullets once. I have molds for a few diff...View More