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by on March 23, 2018
The Ides of March came and went this year and as always it was a great match. A good combination of people and location will do that. I would like to give a job and I do mean JOB well done to Arcadia Outlaw, Greta D, Brucester Diamond and Wildcard Willow. The set up crew deserves recognition as well, unfortunately I don’t know everyone that helped set up, but I really do appreciate the hard work. Without you we probably would not be playing this game. 10 stages of targets, tables, props, canopies and blankets…. That is lots of stuff. Thank you for your hard work bringing all of that together. Tear down is as important and thank you all for helping, without you guys we probably would not play this game as much as we do. THANK YOU!!
The Ides of March is the first big match that I went to when I started shooting CAS. It was this match that really got me hooked. I shot in the afternoon on the first day so when I made it to the range there was 8 or 10 posse’s in full swing. The banging and clanging came from the whole range and I thought it was really cool. Reall cool to see that there were that many grown adults that never really grew up and liked to play cowboy still.
Now lets get down to it. Last year I beat myself pretty good. I was trying to make the top 25 and missed it by that much…95th. That stung a bit and to make it worse Wyatt was 94th. This year however was a different story. I stayed out of my own head and shot a good match for me. I finished 19th over all and 2nd in my category. Christian Mortician beat me again. I think he just wants his picture taken with the Moog to make him look pretty. Either way I am happy with how it turned out. And sometime, you just have to make a couple side bets. I still have 9 left Wyatt!
Next stop Florida State Championship 4-19 through 4-21. I think I will just play my game and see what happens. Till then, LAWS YES, it was better than good day at work!
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