by on May 22, 2018

Well here is how Georgia State went for The Moog. I picked up Shelleen on Wednesday afternoon and we headed north. It rained for most of the drive bet we made it with time to spare. Thursday morning, we went to the range and Shelleen shot the side and practice matches while I worked from the club house. Damn, work is a 4-letter word.

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Friday morning came, we went to the range did our normal morning prep, safety meeting and possed up. Cowboy Junky read the stage and we were off. That’s when it happened, yep on the first stage of the match. I sot the whole stage in 20 seconds pistols first, move to the rifle them move to the shotgun. I picked up my rifle and was walking to the unloading table and felt something hit my foot. IT WAS MY PISTOL! That’s it SDQ. Que price is right looser music. Cassalong was gentle but I already knew. Jeeees.


With the SDQ I decided to Let’er Rip with comical results. I racked up almost 2 hands of misses but no P’s. I had fun with a great group of people and made some new friends. Everyone always says that they had the best posse but we really did have the best posse. Red River Ray, Mustang Dave, Sue Render and Arcadia Outlaw to name a couple but everyone did a great job keeping the posse moving.


The rain held out while we were shooting so my guns didn’t get wet. That would have been all I needed to shoot a pointless match and get wet guns to… Thank you mother nature for not raining. I drove for 16 hours total in the stupid rain, got a stage DQ on the very first stage and was told that my hat was stupid.(Thanks Steve) Still better than a good day at work.