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by on March 1, 2016
Sunday started out nice and cool and warmed up by the time the lead started flying at the Doddle Hill Regulators monthly match. Everything started off well even though I had 1 miss on the first 2 stages I was playing the game I showed up to play. I have been trying to get faster by thinking about and cleaning up my transitions and running the guns a little harder. That was working, I had 22 and 24 seconds with 1 on each. I was really happy with the 24 second stage because that stage I also missed a shot gun target and had to reload a 3rd time and that usually puts me 26 or 27 seconds for the stage.
Stage 3 and 4 went even better with a 2 21 second stages. There was a little movement, as much as you can move in the middle range at Doodle Hill but still had to move to the table for rifle and shot gun. Fast sequences with some double taps. Definitely my best stages for the day.
Then comes stage 5.start with the rifle, the sweep was interesting 2 targets and we shot a 2-1-4-1-2 on those 2 targets. I thought about it and when the beep came it was going really good until the last rifle shot where my timing got off and I pinched my finger between the lever and the trigger, OUCH! Yep it went all the way through. The pistols and shotgun were slow after that. I sucked it up put a band aid on it and shot The Kick Brass Challenge stage had one miss something like 22 and 1. By the way I have not had a good run on all season.
Now the match is over and I helped clean up a couple stages while the other posses finished. Then sat with some of the cowboys waiting for the results and I realized that this was a pretty good way to spend my birthday doing something I enjoy and hanging out with people I actually like. Even though the train came off the tracks in the last 2 stages it was still better than a good day at work and made it a happy birthday.
How did your match go?
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Crossfire Brown
Clean but too slow!
March 2, 2016