by on August 20, 2018

Another month of shooting and I’m back to blog. With my match The Antelope Junction Rangers cancelling in august gave me a chance to get out and shoot at another club on that weekend. So, I packed up my toys and drove up to FT. White Florida to shoot with the Ft. White Cowboy Calvary. I like that range and wish I could shoot there more often, with most of the stages shaded and fans make beating the Florida heat a little easier. I shot ok for me finishing in the top 10 at least. I don’t know about you but for me I like to hold on to the stages that I shot well. That day was a 19.55 stage that you had to shoot pistols, mover pick up rifle move to the shooting position, move to put the rifle down, then move to the shotgun and clean it up. 19.55 I thought the timer broke, and I’m not convinced that it didn’t. Ft. White is a long drive and with my shooting buddy out of commission that weekend it was a long quiet drive. Shelleen is back, he shot with us at LCP last weekend. Welcome back Shelleen.


We lost another good cowboy last week with the passing of Lucky Jake. He fought the cancer with everything he had, and he put up a good fight. Lucky Jake would laugh with you or at you he didn’t discriminate. If it was below 80 he would have his coat on and hand warmers in the pockets. I know I asked him more than once if he had any powder in his loads. He would just smile and say “yep 1/8 of a grain”. I shot with Jake at the LCP matches and Orlando sometimes before he got sick and we always had fun. He was one of those guys that could dish it out and take it too, one of the good ones. Lucky Jake passed away on August 16th, I will miss him.


This last weekend I was on for a good match until stage 4. The order was Rifle Pistol Shotgun. What did I do? Rifle Shotgun Pistol, don’t ask me why cause I can’t tell ya. Add a miss to that stage and there went all of the time that I had on anyone there. Stage 5 and 6 didn’t get any better after that either with a couple misses on them as well. I finished the match 6th over all with about a minute in penalties. Still a good time and even better than a good day at work. Happy Trails Lucky Jake.

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