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What a good match. The Ft White Cowboy Calvary club had their annual match this past weekend and let me tell you that it was a really good match. Rocky Creek Shooter and the crew up there did an outstanding job on the whole shooting match. In my opinion the props killed it. Painted nice and a bunch of’em. I know it takes a whole crew to pull off a match like that, so it’s hats off to everyone that helped. (the name tags, clean match awards and dang it chips were really cool too 😊)


So Friday afternoon I picked up Shelleen and we rolled north. We hadn’t shot together in a couple weeks so I was looking forward to laying down a whoopin. Traffic was the usual Tampa traffic but before I knew it, I saw signs for Gainesville then our exit. We drove to the range even though I knew thet most of it was over for the day but wanted to check in and say hi. Shelleen, Realtree and I went out for dinner then back to the hotel for some Sleep. See we all drove up the night before, so we didn’t have to get up so early to make it there in time to shoot. I know that never works out for me and talking to Realtree he had the same kind of night.


Saturday morning, I didn’t need an alarm because I never really got to sleep, we loaded up our stuff and Shelleen and I headed for the range. It was misting rain and I was bummed because I really don’t like shooting wet guns, but it cleared up into a beautiful day by the time the lead started flying. That is what I am taking away from Saturday, we had nice weather. 9 am came and the bang and clang started, I started off ok, we had 2 bonus stages in a row and I got 8 seconds on the first stage for a bonus and missed the bonus target on the second stage. We had some fast shooters on our posse and they were letting it rip. Firewater Bandit must not have slept well either because he forgot something at the loading table. Don’t sweat it dude, we have all been there, you recovered and had a good match.


 As the day went on I felt the lack of sleep and still recovering from my vacation the weekend before creeping in and by the time se shot the 5th stage thigs started coming undone. I was called for a miss that I didn’t see but that’s not unusual to not see your own misses. The 6th stage was ok at least I didn’t get any penalties. But stage 7! Thas when the train came flying off the tracks. BEEEEEEEP, I pulled my first pistol shot the 5 not slow but not as fast as I could, re-holstered and missed my holster I saw it and with the grace of a Hippo I cought my pistol before it hit the ground and got it put away safely. Finished the other pistol and rifle moved to the shot gun first 2 I missed on. On the reload I shot the one make’up target and went to crack my shotgun open and boom. I didn’t hear anyone scream so I knew I didn’t shoot anyone, but I didn’t know where that shot went so I picked up my stuff and went to the unloading table. I knew the TO (Delta Glenn) would let me know if it went over the berm or if it was within 10 or 5 feet of a shooter. He came to the unloading table and with his good-natured personality he said “Well Moog, that was an exciting stage” the AD hit the wall down range and did not go out of the range and was not close to a shooter. Thank God.

The last 2 stages after that were not any better. On stage 7 I picked up my rifle and went completely blank couldn’t remember the plan. I shot and after it was done, I didn’t shoot all 10 out of my rifle and there was a round half way in the chamber. Stage DQ. Que the price is right looser music. Then in stage 8 I don’t like to admit it, but I gave up. I shot the pistols wrong and got a p and couldn’t load my shotgun to save my life.


Shelleen was 7th over all and 4th 49er, way to go Jeff! I drove for 3 hours, didn’t sleep much in the hotel bed and really screwed up my match. It was still better than a good day at work.

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Madame Moog
Well at least you had fun!!
As always, I enjoyed your company. Look forward to our next match together. Glad you still have a great sense of humor. We all need it at times in this game.