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by on October 4, 2021



Where do you live? (what state or country)

Norco California

When did you start shooting CAS and how did you or who got you into the sport?

1997. Saw it in a few different gun magazines, and since I was opening a gun shop, I figured I should go see what it was all about

Who was your mentor, either known to them or not?

Smoke Parnell, the man the myth the legend. He was truly one of a kind. "Bounty Hunter" was a big help too. Lots more have helped along the way. So, many friends I've lost over the last 25 years....

How much do you practice, how many rounds a month do you send down range?

I don't these days, other then monthly matches. With the gun shop, Gun auction, and Hit radio show (The Gunslinger Hour) on KABC 790 Saturday mornings at 8am, I just don't have time...

Have you won any state, regional, national or world championships?

Yea, all of the above.

Tell us about your most memorable match:

Winter Range 2001. Shot it clean. In those days, that was REALLY something to do. I ended up 3rd overall. But, shooting clean is far more of an accomplishment to me

What is your favorite aspect of CAS?

The friends I've made. The Leper posse was about 20-25 great guys and gals. I'm the only one who still shoots fairly regularly. JJ Johnson still comes out now and then.

Is there a story behind your alias, and what is that story?

Ha, ok when I started (16409) all the good names had been taken, and were STILL in use. I had a whole page of names, and all were taken. I had seen the movie Hud the night before, so I threw it out there and....the rest is infamy

Do you have a travel/shootin buddy? (you know that friend that makes this game what it is)

My friend Coffee and his crew seem to be able to put up with me....but since he's moved, Johnny Ringo and Calamity Annie have to put up with me these days

Where is your favorite place to shoot? (range or match past or present)

End of Trail when it was in Norco. It was really a week long party, with some shooting on the side....

Have you tried other categories? What categories have you shot and how did that go?

I started in "Traditional". Went to Duelest. Was the driving force behind Classic Cowboy getting started. Tried "B Western" once.

What is you posse job of choice?

I always ran the timer, but because of bad feet, all I can do these days is spot

What is the time of your fastest clean stage?

Well, shooting Classic, I've had a few 15 and 16 second stages. I haven't shot 2 handed in ages

What was the best advice you got from a fellow shooter, and who was it?

Maggie Grace at EOT in 2001, our whole posse was doing terrible, and she gave us a "pep talk" that I can't repeat in mixed company....

What advice can you give to some of the shooters reading this?

Enjoy yourself, because before you know it, today is gonna be "the good old days"

What keeps you playing this game?

Seeing old friends and hopefully meeting new ones

What is your favorite thing to do when you are not on the range or shooting?

Hot rods...I have a few

Optional Add links to some of your favorite videos of yourself shooting.

I don't seem to shoot with folks that do video or pix. So, I'm rarely in any.

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Razorback Red
Love this guy! Great guy to shoot with and fun to listen to his stories from the early days of SASS. Make sure you listen to his The Gunslinger Hour radio show too!
October 4, 2021