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by on February 1, 2022


Bucky Buckskin

Where do you live? (What state or country)

When did you start shooting CAS and how did you or who got you into the sport?
Joined sass February 2018

Who was your mentor, either known to them or not?
I never had a mentor but was always willing to ask fellow shooters for tips and advice and, like one would expect, cowboys are always willing to help if you ask. Big Country gave me some very solid advice to start me off and Rocky Creek Shooter introduced me to one shot drills. Both of these shooters have been very supportive from the beginning.

How much do you practice, how many rounds a month do you send down range?
When I first started, I did a lot of dry fire practice a few times a week. My wife would get after me for making so much noise, clanging the rifle and pistols. Now I like to just shoot matches.

Have you won any state, regional, national or world championships?
I have enjoyed some great matches and have been fortunate enough to win overall Florida state in 2020 and 2021. I took overall at the south east regional in 2020. I have won the se regional blackpowder in 2021/2022 and the international bp in 2021/2022

Tell us about your most memorable match:
Florida state 2021 was probably my most memorable match it was the first match my wife and daughters attended with me and I was able to shoot well, win the match, and then survive the shoot off against some amazing cowboys and was the last man standing.


What is your favorite aspect of CAS?
The amazing people and family oriented environment that they make. You have people from all of walks of life, shooting together. It’s pretty amazing to see young kids, all the way through folks in their 80’s, shooting & working on a posse together.

Is there a story behind your alias, and what is that story?
I have always loved buckskin horses, and I use to start and train horses in high school and thru college.

Do you have a travel/shootin buddy? (You know that friend that makes this game what it is)
I have had some great travels with confederate colt and deadwood Blackie. Now that my wife and daughters are getting hooked, we are traveling as a family.

Where is your favorite place to shoot? (Range or match past or present)
I am lucky enough to have several ranges close by, but Fort white is definitely my favorite place to shoot. It is an amazing cowboy range and full of people that I am happy to call friends.
What is you posse job of choice?
I will usually run the timer and do whatever else is needed

What is the time of your fastest clean stage?
I have had some good stages but my fasted was in the 11’s for a 10/10/4

What was the best advice you got from a fellow shooter, and who was it?
No matter how bad a stage goes, when you go to the unloading table, look for the one thing that went well and focus on that. Keep a positive mind set so you don’t carry your troubles to the next stage.

What advice can you give to some of the shooters reading this?
Most of all, make enjoying the game your top priority. As you grow as a shooter and our game  changes and evolves, look for the little things you can do to improve.

What keeps you playing this game?
The love of shooting. Taking stages, breaking them down and figuring out the fastest, most efficient way to shoot them.

What is your favorite thing to do when you are not on the range or shooting?
I love spending time with my wife and kids on our farm or riding our horses.

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What a wonderful family. Really have enjoyed getting to know Bucky, but now have the pleasure to start to get to know his family as they have all gotten into this terrific game that we all enjoy.
February 1, 2022