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by on May 20, 2019

Thursday afternoon Madame Moog and I set out to meet up with the cracker crew and shoot the Georgia State Match. I tell Y’All Eddie and the boys up there sure do put on a great match. If you haven’t been you should put it on your list. Thank you Fast Eddie, Krazy Kajun, Blackhawk Henry and the set up crew for all of your hard work to make this match a success. Also, thank you to all the workin cowboys that picked brass, ran the timer, spotted, set steel or any of the other posse jobs. It really helps things run smooth. Thank you to all the Match and stage sponsors as well as all the vendors.



We drove north through an army of love bugs and we were victorious. Wish that had of carried over to how I shot but nope.  I shot my typical match decent times and stages until I hear the whistle coming. Stage 5 our 3rd stage, was when the train came off the tracks. You know how it is, you look at the stage and think simple enough and you try to burn it up. BEEEP! 3 misses. A 35 second stage is hard to recover. Add one more miss on another stage and that put Moog in 42nd place, and not even on the playing field for Wrangler. Day 2 was better with no misses and some decent times for me.



Madame Moog had some troubles too. Day one a case of big match nerves got her on her first stage. She got over that quick enough and shot a decent day 1. Day 2, on the last stage, her rifle breaks and leaves 9 in it. We get it to the unloading table and Delta Glen takes a look and you guessed it. The flux capacitor (tab on the bottom of the bolt) was broken and had to come out to get fixed. Well that may be easier said than done. Thanks Rocky Creek Shooter for making that happen after I gave up. I did learn, that tab keeps pressure on the brass so the extractor can hold on to it. If it is gone the brass does not come out of the gun. Who knew?


Delta Glen had a good match finishing 4th over all and 2nd 49er. But the good news is he broke the reload curse, even though I tried to jinx him. Not one rifle reload. As always he was workin and helping anyone that needed it. Took the time to coach Madame and troubleshoot her gun issue and road in the back of Roosters truck with me so Madame could have his seat.


Don’t worry I’m not leaving Shelleen out of this. He shot well and was 23rd over all. But it just wouldn’t be fair to not

 tell ya about the swinging door stage. The prop had door that closed and had weights hanging them to swing them open. You closed both doors and secured them with a plastic wire tie. Shoot the wire tie and the doors would swing open. you could actually touch the wire tie with your shotgun. You see where this is going? Yep, Shelleen missed it. What’s the saying “not a target too close to miss”. On that stage if it failed to activate you could either start over or just push the doors open. He took the ribbing in stride on that one, but you know me, I won’t let him forget it.



The shootout was on day one after the first six stages. Congratulations Little Man. That kid is fast. It seems that Moog brought his train wreck and even shared it with others. My first round was a disaster, I was supposed to stage my pistols on the table and didn’t then went to missing 7 rifle and pistol targets. That isn’t what really makes me feel bad though. I shared with Shelleen. He asked for someone to call out his misses, the last shot of his pistols was a slow faller. I yelled 2 misses, he went to work with the shotgun and lost by about half a second. That’s when we looked at the targets there was just 1 left standing. Sorry brother, it was not intentional. I feel really bad about it.


Let’s put this one to bed. Madame has millions of love bug carcasses on her truck. I shot crappy and messed up Shelleens shootout. It was still better than a good day at work.

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You knew it was coming.
May 20, 2019
Thanks for the blog. I feel like I was there. Will have to make it a priority to shoot this match in the near future.
May 20, 2019
Kay Sadeeya
I would love to have a 35 second stage as my train wreck 1f642.png. Just sayin.
May 20, 2019