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by on June 27, 2019

March seems so long ago. Madame Moog and I started making the posse pins for the ASN EOT Bounty Hunt. We created the image, engraved the pin and touched them up. Glued the pin to the back then stuck them to the cards. Then made pins for Waddies and Staff. Made the sign and the boxes for the entry forms and shipped it all to SASS.




I would get nervous thinking about it and hoping people would play along and I’m sure my local pards were tired of hearing about it. Monday as I traveled to EOT I started seeing some posts from people looking for their bounty numbers. People asking what the number were all about. Then Scarlett Darlin summed it up for everyone, It wasn’t about the knife it was about talking to and meeting new people. That made me smile. Sure it was aabout free stuff too. Who doesn’t like free stuff?


When I finally made it to the range I noticed right away the pins on hats, sleeves, suspenders, shirts and carts. And the cleaver ways people were coming up with to display their bounty. Is that a first? A bounty that actually wants to be caught, maybe. This has to be my favorite, looks like the number on a bull rider in a rodeo.




When I picked up my shooter pack all of my worries were gone. I handed the knife to Filina Salina and introduced myself. I was met with a huge smile and the assurance that everyone was really digging the bounty hunt. That is when I finally relaxed about that part of my EOT. Madame matched up with Santa Fe River Stan and Shelleen didn’t find any.


My number was 1079 and I met a whole bunch of new cowboy pards and found a couple of my bounty numbers. I took Chili Pepper Pete and Wistlin Will off the streets of Founders Ranch and dropped my entries in the box. I hear they escaped and had a good match though. Congratulations guys. Christian Mortician ambushed me mistaking me for one of his bounties. He got the drop on me at the right moment, surprised me good.


Now it’s time to give the knife away. Misty and the SASS gang was kind enough to allow me to make the drawing at the awards. Which meant, I would be talking about the contest and drawing the winner. I was so nervous that needless to say everything that I had planned on saying went right out the window, you know like the stage plans after the beep. I think I managed to get through it and Shelleen’s ever deep words of encouragement helped “well, it wasn’t horrible”


I made 1000 entry forms and there was 2 left in the box when I checked Saturday afternoon. 998 bounties collected good job Y’All. I drew a name from the bucket at the same time I relised I didn’t have my glasses on and needed a little help reading the name. She confirmed it for me , thanks Misty, and Roamin Shields was and is the winner of the first ASN EOT Bounty Hunt. What do you think should this be the first ANNUAL ASN EOT Bounty Hunt? Sound off in the comments.




I want to thank Madame Moog for helping and putting up with me, Realtree SASS#103704 for making the knife and Tampa Flash SASS Life#76545 for making the EOT 2019 sheath. And a huge thanks to everyone that played along and made it fun.

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You make it an annual bounty and you will be going to EOT every year. That's quite a bonus! Good Blog pard.
All part of the plan. Thanks RT!
The Outlaw Travis James
Congrats Romain