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by on July 22, 2019


It’s been a month already! Here we go. First weekend was Hernando County Regulators Shoulda Dun Gun keeps you on your toes with some creative stage writing. I had a decent match for me, Shelleen’s shotgun worked for him on most of the stages. Madame Moog however had a great match with a sad ending. Madame has been chasing that clean match since she started playing this game. She was clean up to the last rifle shot where she had to hit a plate and make it fall.  She missed it. What a bummer. The Outlaw Travis James made the trip to HCR but lets just say he had trouble with a couple of the sequences.On the last stage I received a P, I shot 1 4 4 1 because that’s what I heard. It was actually 4114 but who keeps track of that stuff anyway. Shoulda had his laugh and I got my P.


The second Saturday was Antelope Junction Rangers I would have to say some of the best stages ever written. Not just because I wrote them…. well yeah because I wrote them. Shelleen and I set it all up on Friday night, thanks bud. He even got to practice wallering something out drilling holes in the shotgun stands so we could anchor them down. The forecast kept a lot of cowboys at home but we didn’t get a drop of rain. It was guess what “HOT”, shocking, I know. Shelleen won that match too. My buddy Realtree however, had a great match. Finishing 3rd over all if im’ not mistaken. Hope Tampa Flash has been practicing.


We had a new guy show up to watch the match and if you know Shelleen you can’t just watch. He had him on the line shooting before it was all over with. he shot 2 stages both in the low 40’s. I think that was pretty good for never shooting CAS before. We teased that he was the only clean shooter for the match as everyone else had at lease on. Some had 6. Damn it Moog!


Third Saturday, Lake County Pistoleros Madame and I made the drive. We got to the range and set up our stuff, I helped the ladies get the shooters set up in the scoring app. And we were off. This match we had a few of the regular fast shooters. It would seem that Arcadia Outlaw struggled the most though. Oh sure, I had my normal struggles but he had new ones. With a hand full of misses he finished 6th over all, that brought the unique award from Cypress Sun. I almost won the I shot like shit award but sun said he wanted to give to some that doesn’t usually shoot that way, and I would have to agree. Madame continued to better her time and was happy with her results.


I had a first for me at this match. I grabbed my shotgun and tried to load it and one of the factory shogun shells would not go in the gun. This stopped me and took me a few seconds to figure out what I needed to do. I knew that if I forced it in that it wouldn’t come out after I fired it, if it fired. So, I grabbed it dragged it out loaded another and finished the stage. This was the first time something like that happened to me, sure I have had my rifle jam for one reason or another but never had a shotgun shell not go in the gun.



Heading to Gainesville to shoot with the Roughshod Raiders next Sunday, Delta Glenn always has some challenging stages. I bet it’s gonna be hot! Madame keeps chasing her clean match. Shelleen had a good time at black gold. I need to get back to practicing. Still better than a good day at work.


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Midwest Hale
I’ve had a few bad factory rounds lately (AA 980s) they fit but they don’t fire.... it’s happened consistently enough in the cases I’ve bought recently I’m considering switching to other shells. That really stinks, sounds like you handled it like a pro though! Thanks for sharing!! Love the blogs! ... View More
July 22, 2019
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Arcadia Outlaw
July 23, 2019
Good blog buddy. Always nice to reflect.
July 22, 2019
The Outlaw Travis James
Shoulda got me on that stage but he got himself too! HAHAHAHA
July 22, 2019
Firewater Bandit
Nice blog, bro! And don't worry, Madame, I have only ever had one clean match and that was because I slowed way down. Like you, I am searching for one that I didn't have to slow down to get. Almost had it at Black Gold, but I had one get away from me. Shucks! I'm working on the blog - more details t... View More
July 23, 2019