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by on August 23, 2019

This month was less than stellar for the Moog. Madame Moog on the other hand had a great month. Scoring her very first clean match at The Hernando County Regulators monthly and making some of the best runs on stages since she started shooting. Not that Shoulda Dun Gun took it easy on her either, using her little red plate nemisis. Keep it up Madame Moog, I know your fan club will be cheering for ya.

There is something going on with my rifle, I cant seem to get 10 rounds out smoothly. At the Lake County Pistoleros monthly match I struggled on the first 2 stages. So I decided to use Madame’s rifle to see if it was me or the rifle. Well, I ran her rifle just fine. Not sure what is happening something gums up the works and I have to fiddle with it, and you know that doesn’t help your time.


So with that on my mind I grabbed madams rifle on stage 4 loaded up and went to the line. Beeeeeeeeeep! Rifle rocked ran up to pistols and they rocked! Last pistol shot was at 8 seconds moved to the shotgun reached and “OH $&*#” no shotgun belt. When my gear doesn’t work right it gets in my head and I do stupid stuff like that. I plan to shoot Madame’s rifle until I or someone helpful figures out what is going on with this rifle.


Antelope Junction Rangers monthly match was fun. Hot as blazes but still fun. RealTree showed up Calm and cool though. We kicked off the match and he kicked our butts taking what I believe to be his first overall win. That day duelist was coolest. I don’t want to talk about my match; I’m still trying to block it out.


With the Doodle Hill Regulators match returning next month and The Cracker Crew traveling to South Carolina State Match I’m sure I’ll have more to talk about next month. With that being said, sure I had gear issues, forgot to get fully loaded and had a bad month. Really, do we need to shoot shotgun anymore? Still better than a good day at work.

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Midwest Hale
Had so much fun with you and Madam at LCP! See you at Raiders on sunday??!!
August 23, 2019
Madame Moog
We will be there!
August 24, 2019