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By: on November 9, 2020
You spent the time now show them off. If you have been waiting for a reason to do a mod on your grips here ya go. If you haven't already, create an account so you can post a picture of your custom grips. Our expert judges on coolness will select the set set they think is the best and give you the ammo for a whole match. To enter post a picture(S) of your match revolver grips along with and however you want to display it in the comments. W...
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By: on November 22, 2020
The “Ides of Marvember” Florida State Championship 2020 was my first “big” match and two unexpected things happened to me during those two days. The first was a disappointing one (and is documented in my video of the match) but the second was a fun one. I had never been to a SASS-related banquet, but had a general idea that I needed to dress up a little bit so I scrounged around my closet and Amazon Prime to piece together an outfit that vaguely coordinated and seemed appropriate for the them...
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By: on July 13, 2020
Santa Rosa Slinger is new to the game, so continuing on with the new shooter point of view here is what he thinks about our game and shooting CAS! Enjoy. ...
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By: on September 8, 2020
Shoot YOUR Game! Wait, Do I Even Have a Game? ...
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By: on January 30, 2021
Dark Day on The Santa Fe 2021 was another successful match from Confederate Colt and the gang at the Ft. White Gun Club. There is a long list of people that are essential to making that match what it is and we thank you all. Everyone worked hard all week to pull it off again. They always make you feel like family with the match and all the festivities. Sure Shot Shawanda’s cinnamon rolls were just right for the cool mornings of the match and Laura and Bucky’s chili warmed us up Friday night. I k...
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By: on July 25, 2019
                First off, I would like to apologize for the latency of this blog. Hale and I have been on one wild ride of a vacation that is still happening that has not only taken us from Florida to Kentucky for Black Gold but then onward to Chicago for wedding plans. It has been a nonstop rollercoaster of fun, but I finally found a moment to sit down and share our exploits at the Ponderosa Pines' Black Gold Shootout.                 So, we shot Ft. White the Saturday before, and I did hor...
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By: on February 8, 2021
Where do you live? (what state or country) Tucson, Arizona When did you start shooting CAS and how did you or who got you into the sport? ...
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By: on May 28, 2019
While I was shooting at the Roughshod Raider's match this past weekend, our very own Moog mentioned to me about blogging my shoots, which I thought was a great idea. So, I will try to start doing this after each weekend to talk about my continuing journey through the world of Cowboy Action Shooting. Why? you might ask. Simply because I love to shoot and I love to write and this gives me a chance to do both. So, sit back, put your clicks on (Delta Glen), and enjoy the wild ride that is my life in...
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By: on March 23, 2020
This week’s spotlight is from down under. I met this shooter and his wife at EoT 2019. Great people and they had safe magnets. So, sit back and read what Charlie Wagon from Australia had to say.   ...
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By: on February 18, 2019
This will be the first entry into what I plan on having as a weekly or so blog recapping the weekend shoots.  This weekend is as good as any to start because it was the first time I have shot in consecutive days.  I am still new to CAS attending my first match in August of last year.  I shot after the OK Corral Outlaws monthly match with the Club President Seth Adams but not during the actual match.  The first full shoot I had was in September during the Gold Coast Gunslingers Main Match....
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By: on June 19, 2019
The Cracker Crew is going to EOT....well at least part of us are. Jeff Shelleen, Moog,  Deadly Sharpshooter( Original CC Member) and I will be attending along with Madam Moog and Purdy Sharp. Deadly and Purdy have been making their way out via Steel Horse on the Wagon Trail. The rest of us are riding in on a Steel Horse in the sky.  Either way, we're wanted dead or alive (Bon Jovi reference). Amaduelist and his Grandson, Jake on the Take, were kind enough to haul my shooting irons out west for m...
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By: on July 11, 2018
This past weekend I shot with the Weewahootee Vigilance Committee if you want to call it shooting. I picked up Shelleen and we started west on I4. The sun was coming up and very little traffic made me think “what a nice way to spend a Saturday”. We talked about what happened on WestWorld and there were a few “wait, what's” from me as Shelleen was breaking it down for me. I guess I’ll need to watch the last EP again. Got our grub and pulled on to the range.   Set up our carts, said our good...
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