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By: on April 23, 2018
We started driving Thursday morning for the Florida State CAS Championship. Was a perfect day for a drive too. We hit I-10 and I thought we were almost there… nope another 100 miles to go. we did make it there though and driving on to the range I gotta say was very nice. To see the CAS props and then the shooters, it don’t really matter where you go to shoot it always kinda feels like home. We signed in got our pack from even more familiar faces. Thanks to Cas, Holler, Shamrock Sadie and the ...
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By: on August 10, 2017
It sure has been a while since i blogged here. But moving forward on the site and app has sparked today's blog. Some of you may know that I attended EOT for the first time. Those that don't know End Of Trail is the Cowboy Action Shooting World Championship. Held this past June in Edgewood New Mexico. A couple firsts here I guess, first trip to NM too. Let me tell ya, we had fun. People had me worried about a few things like the altitude, seeing I'm a sea level person and the heat. Neither real...
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By: on September 19, 2017
Madame Moog and I made through IRMA with no major damage. The cleanup was faster than getting power back on though. The storm cancelled the AJR match and The Lake County Pistoleros match as well as people were still recovering. I had booked a trip to Pennsylvania to shoot with my dad at his local match but the first flight was canceled. We cleaned up and Madame Moog rebooked my flight so I did get to shoot last weekend. The Titusville PA Sportsman Club has challenging match once a month. The tar...
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By: on August 28, 2017
This past Sunday I shot with the Roughshod Raiders in Gainesville Florida. And it was as one of the starting lines was “Hot and Sticky”. It rained about 90% of the way to the range then stopped long enough for us to get in 6 stages and then it started again. It’s a bit of a drive for me but riding with my shooting buddy Shelleen made the trip go by faster, we talk about what we have been doing for practice, who John Snow is and stuff like that. We got to the range and set up our carts did our...
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By: on March 23, 2018
The Ides of March came and went this year and as always it was a great match. A good combination of people and location will do that. I would like to give a job and I do mean JOB well done to Arcadia Outlaw, Greta D, Brucester Diamond and Wildcard Willow. The set up crew deserves recognition as well, unfortunately I don’t know everyone that helped set up, but I really do appreciate the hard work. Without you we probably would not be playing this game. 10 stages of targets, tables, props, canopie...
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By: on July 11, 2018
This past weekend I shot with the Weewahootee Vigilance Committee if you want to call it shooting. I picked up Shelleen and we started west on I4. The sun was coming up and very little traffic made me think “what a nice way to spend a Saturday”. We talked about what happened on WestWorld and there were a few “wait, what's” from me as Shelleen was breaking it down for me. I guess I’ll need to watch the last EP again. Got our grub and pulled on to the range.   Set up our carts, said our good...
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By: on November 30, 2020
Where do you live? (what state or country)   Edmond, Oklahoma When did you start shooting CAS and how did you or who got you into the sport? ...
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By: on August 23, 2017
This past weekend I shot at the Lake County Pistoleros monthly match. After 4 weeks of no shooting the rust had built up a little. It was warm when we started and got hotter from there. But at least this range is shaded. The stages were well written and fun to shoot. Some of the starting line made the Posse Marshall blush ad we all got a laugh out of that. My first stage i think i was ready for it, 21 seconds. I had a couple 20 second stages, still trying to shoot sub 20 second stage and it f...
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By: on November 30, 2017
I haven’t blogged in a while, been busy with the holidays, shooting and a couple trips thrown in there. I thought about it this morning and thought I’d catch up. I will be the new match director for the Antelope Junction Rangers starting January 2018. Horace E Rider has been a great MD and has always had a passion for CAS and his club. I hope I can take over and do half as good. I purchased a laser engraver and made some clean match badges for some of the clubs I shoot at. I claimed one for s...
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By: on July 18, 2016
I shot this past weekend at The Lake County Pistoleros, what a good match. The range is nice and shaded in the summer to try to beat the heat but it was still hot. I shot ok for me stages hovering around 22 or 23 seconds and 3 misses for the entire day, even though I think I had 3 on 1 stage but spotters only called 2. Sometimes it works out that way. a good bit of the shooters on my posse were shooting raw times of like 14 to 16 seconds, that made me feel a little slow. But, I played my game an...
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By: on January 16, 2018
This past weekend was my first match as match director for the Antelope Junction Rangers. I got to the range started laying out carpets and getting ready to go as people started showing up. Made the sign up sheet added the shooters to the electronics and started the match. There is defiantly more work than loading up your stuff and heading to the range to shoot. I have some plans for AJR, I’m going to make some props like, fences, hitchin posts, cactuses and cow boy cut outs. If you have any...
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By: on June 29, 2020
This spotlight and the next are going to focus on fairly new shooters. Midwest Hale has been at it for about 3 years now and has come a long way rather quickly. Go to We The People Munnitions and use the code Hale5 for 5% off your order. I'm sure her sponsors would appreciate that. Lets dive in and see what she had to say. Where do you live? (what state or country) Florida ...
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