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3-19 The ides of march

Lake County Pistoleros shoot the 3rd

Saturday Every Month.

Publish Date: February 26, 2018

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Lake County Pistoleros
The 'luck of the Green' was with us this last weekend. One can say we had a 'foot' of rain...the raindrops were about a foot apart and after a few they were gone. Friday and Saturday were both hot a...View More
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Dates are marked on my calendar. The shooting is always wonderful, regardless of how I perform, but it is the people that make these events such a fantastic experience. Loved seeing all of my normal Cowboy pards, of course, and truly cherished getting to meet and know new friends. Can't wait to s...View More
Greta Dee
Thank you for donating the knife, I think Cowboy Casanova was shocked to hear his name called. Love having you at the match.