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December 21 2019

Lake County Pistoleros shoot the 3rd

Saturday Every Month.

Publish Date: February 26, 2018

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Lake County Pistoleros
November results have been uploaded. 38 shooters 'enjoyed' the brisk weather when it did indeed get colder as the day passed. Six stages plus a turkey shoot won by Missouri Hale and a second Publix ...View More
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The Outlaw Travis James
Very fun match! Can't wait until next month.
Was a fantastic day of shooting with friends.
Blazing Saddles
Lake County Pistoleros - Nov 16 Speed Rifle - Side Match Results (9 shooters) First Place - Firewater Bandit (2.70 seconds) Second Place - Arcadia Outlaw (3.07 seconds) Third Place - Blazing Saddles (3.64 seconds) Side Matches will be after we strike the Match Stages We will setup 3 stages next mo...View More
Hayley Michling
Midwest Hale * 🤣