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by on December 14, 2020

Where do you live? (what state or country)


When did you start shooting CAS and how did you or who got you into the sport?


Who was your mentor, either known to them or not?

No one

How much do you practice, how many rounds a month do you send down range?

Unfortunately, I do almost no practicing outside of monthly matches. Now that I have a house, a workshop, and have inherited my father's reloading supplies, I may be able to shoot cheaper and, thus, more often.

Have you won any state, regional, national or world championships?

Never been to a regional, state, or national match.

Tell us about your most memorable match:

Can't think of any that stand out at this time.

What is your favorite aspect of CAS?

  The cosplay.

Is there a story behind your alias, and what is that story?

When I first got involved in Steampunk, I was lacking a persona. I would go to conventions and people would think that I was cosplaying a specific character but, no, I was just "a generic steampunk." That, of course, would not do at all. Listening to NPR one evening, there was an article on Zebulon Montgomery Pike and, on hearing that history, I thought that was a proper steampunk name. I would not take his name or claim to be him, though. Thankfully, he was so famous in his day that many people named their children after him. Even to this day, look in the phonebook under Pike and you are likely to find a Zebulon. For a new middle name I chose Vitruvius, who was a Roman architect and siege engineer to Julius Ceasar (I have his book on architecture and have built siege engines). Subsequently, the persona of Zebulon Vitruvius Pike evolved into a dime novel hero and at conventions, when I said who I was and what I did, I could actually convince people that there was, in fact, a series of 19th Century dime novels and even a Republic movie in 1937.

Do you have a travel/shooting buddy? (you know that friend that makes this game what itis)

None, though I am trying to get my housemate involved. Anyone have a pair of Cimarron Lightnings?

Where is your favorite place to shoot? (range or match past or present)

Haven't gone very far afield and so have done almost all mu shooting at Logan's Ferry. Not enough experience outside of that to formulate a favorite.


Have you tried other categories? What categories have you shot and how did that go?


I have only ever shot duelist.

What is your posse job of choice?

 Watching the un-loading table. It gives me the opportunity to have other shooters critique their own stage.

What is the time of your fastest clean stage?


What was the best advice you got from a fellow shooter, and who was it?

Not sure where I heard this, I may have made it up myself, but "A miss costs more time time that the slowest, carefully aimed hit."

What keeps you playing this game?

Having a scheduled competition of some sort is an incentive to keep shooting

What is your favorite thing to do when you are not on the range or shooting?



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December 14, 2020