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by on July 18, 2016
I shot this past weekend at The Lake County Pistoleros, what a good match. The range is nice and shaded in the summer to try to beat the heat but it was still hot. I shot ok for me stages hovering around 22 or 23 seconds and 3 misses for the entire day, even though I think I had 3 on 1 stage but spotters only called 2. Sometimes it works out that way. a good bit of the shooters on my posse were shooting raw times of like 14 to 16 seconds, that made me feel a little slow. But, I played my game and finished 8th over all and that was with some good company. Santa Fe River Stan was 1st over all and I think AO followed that, delta glen, Cypress Sun and Shoulda Dun Gun finished out the top 5.
I don’t shoot with these fast shooters all of the time, this weekend I decided to try something new. Watching these guys run through the stages at that speed is something else, I think about the amount of discipline and the practice it takes to get that fast, I'm sure it took years. I have been in this sport for 3 years now working on my 4th year and sure I have got faster the more I shoot but I am still amazed by the speed some of these guys can work their guns.
I don’t like thinking things like “I will never be that fast” or “I’m too slow to compete with them” but I got to say I have. Now I'm looking at it as, I show up and play a game that I want to play. That can be to try to shoot clean or keep my raw time under 25 or just compete with myself and try to do better than the last time. It is in my opinion a privilege to shoot with these guys even though I will probably never be able to beat them unless one of their guns break (and even then I don’t know if I could beat them) or they have a terrible day but, it is still better than a good day at work.
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