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by on August 28, 2017
This past Sunday I shot with the Roughshod Raiders in Gainesville Florida. And it was as one of the starting lines was “Hot and Sticky”. It rained about 90% of the way to the range then stopped long enough for us to get in 6 stages and then it started again. It’s a bit of a drive for me but riding with my shooting buddy Shelleen made the trip go by faster, we talk about what we have been doing for practice, who John Snow is and stuff like that.
We got to the range and set up our carts did our good morning rounds, then it was time to make some noise. The first stage had 8 shotgun targets, shoot 2 move, shoot 2 through the window move, shot 2 through the crack in the wall move, shoot 2 from the table then dump 20 on the big star. Good way to start. The stages were good, they had the correct amount of think and blast away in my opinion. I have yet to see Delta Glenn write a bad stage, some people just get it and I think he is one of those people. Sucks that I have to write a spaghetti western stage against him (I’ll never get that damn boot).
I was trying different things that I don’t normally do so my times were slow. Like, loading the reload for a ’73 on the top instead of the loading gate. And grabbing my shotgun shells different to help clean that up, neither of which helped my times. Combine that with, I shouldn’t have played the 2nd poker tournament the night before and I was spent by the end of the match. Yes, it was hot, yes, it was sticky and yes, I didn’t shoot well… It was still better than a good day at work.
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August 31, 2017