OK Corral Outlaws
by on October 2, 2019

The OK Corral Outlaws are looking for sponsors for our upcoming Annual Match on January 25th. 2020. The details can be found in this file. If you are interested, you can send us a message or contact our Sponsorship Manager, The Outlaw Travis James. His contact info is in the attached document.

You can find more info about the Annual on our website https://okcorraloutlaws.com or our Action Shooting Network Event  https://actionshootingnetwork.com/event/126/ok-corral-outlaws-2020-annual-match-shootout-at-the-ok-corral/

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Scarlett Darlin
I will help you and your match!! Remind me to give you some stuff at the Regional ... or I will mail You some certificates.
The Outlaw Travis James
Great! Thanks a bunch Scarlett! I will remind you at Ambush.
Pm or email me where to send a cetificate for rugged gear