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48 years old.
By: on April 16, 2019
  I would like to start out by thanking Cassalong Hopidy, Hollifer A Dollar, Kay Sadeeya and anyone else that helped out. We all have our job on the posse and for the match itself.  I am thankful that we can all come together and play this game. So again, thank you to anyone that helped. You made this match successful and fun.     Last Wednesday Madame finished up her work early, I wrapped up a couple things, we loaded the truck and pointed it north for the 2019 SASS Florida State Ch...
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By: on March 18, 2019
I didn’t make a blog in February, some of the reason is I was sick and the other was I didn’t shoot well enough to comment. This month however was different. Madame Moog and I drove out to The Ides Of March on Friday the 15th to help with anything that we were needed for. I ran some side matches Madame shopped. Dinner that night with cowboy friends was nice as usual.   Saturday morning and it was time to get it done. We loaded up headed out to the range; Shelleen was our posse marshal and ...
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By: on January 25, 2019
I didn’t get out to the annual match I had planned for January because it rescheduled for the 2nd of February. So, I changed my hotel reservation to the 1st. and planning the road trip for then. That doesn’t mean nothing happened in January, actually, it was a pretty good month for Action Shooting Network (ASN). This month the Single Action Shooting Society https://www.sassnet.com plugged ASN on their Facebook and twitter accounts and increased traffic and members of ASN thanks SASS.   Als...
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By: on December 21, 2018
Well here we are at the end of another year of shooting. If you are obsessive like me you probably shot somewhere around 50 matches, some good some bad. I shot the Fl state match. I did ok for me. The Georgia state match, dropped a pistol first stage. Ides of March, had a good match and Wyatt still owes me 5 or 6 who’s your daddy’s. Madame Moog and I shot in the New Jersey State match, and let me tell ya it was cold. With the good and the bad I wouldn't’t take any of it back. i got to be with fr...
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By: on November 12, 2018
What a good match. The Ft White Cowboy Calvary club had their annual match this past weekend and let me tell you that it was a really good match. Rocky Creek Shooter and the crew up there did an outstanding job on the whole shooting match. In my opinion the props killed it. Painted nice and a bunch of’em. I know it takes a whole crew to pull off a match like that, so it’s hats off to everyone that helped. (the name tags, clean match awards and dang it chips were really cool too ߘ) ʂ So Fri...
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By: on October 23, 2018
Ok you knew it was coming, this past weekend Madame Moog and I shot in the New Jersey State match. Jesemay Kid, Dancin Angel and the crew up there at The Jackson Hole Gang did a great job with the match. The props were nice and the stages were fast but still made you think. Madame and I thank you guys for your hard work. I’m sure there are about 50 things that need to happen for a big match like that most of us cowboys don’t even think of.  Hats off guys and gals!   We popped up like toas...
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By: on September 18, 2018
What a weekend, this past weekend was the Lake County Pistoleros monthly match. I stopped to pick up my shooting buddy Shelleen and the guard at the gate didn’t even ask me any questions. He just opened the gate. After 3 years it’s about time they know me. 6:30 am we’re rolling for Eustis fl. It was hot already and super steamy, that didn’t stop us. The drive went by pretty quick and before we knew it we were on the range and signed in. We said the pledge and made the announcements and we were o...
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By: on August 20, 2018
Another month of shooting and I’m back to blog. With my match The Antelope Junction Rangers cancelling in august gave me a chance to get out and shoot at another club on that weekend. So, I packed up my toys and drove up to FT. White Florida to shoot with the Ft. White Cowboy Calvary. I like that range and wish I could shoot there more often, with most of the stages shaded and fans make beating the Florida heat a little easier. I shot ok for me finishing in the top 10 at least. I don’t know abou...
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By: on July 23, 2018
Ok, this week was Lake County Pistoleros, Shelleen had to ride solo as Madame Moog joined me for the ride and shoot this weekend.  We talked about what she wants to do with the landscaping and how I need to knock the weeds down out back. I gotta say Shelleen and i talk about more fun stuff.  She hasn’t been shooting all that much since she hurt her shoulder but felt good enough to get it done Saturday. She shot well 2 misses for the whole match and the best time she has placed since she started ...
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By: on July 11, 2018
This past weekend I shot with the Weewahootee Vigilance Committee if you want to call it shooting. I picked up Shelleen and we started west on I4. The sun was coming up and very little traffic made me think “what a nice way to spend a Saturday”. We talked about what happened on WestWorld and there were a few “wait, what's” from me as Shelleen was breaking it down for me. I guess I’ll need to watch the last EP again. Got our grub and pulled on to the range.   Set up our carts, said our good...
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By: on May 22, 2018
Well here is how Georgia State went for The Moog. I picked up Shelleen on Wednesday afternoon and we headed north. It rained for most of the drive bet we made it with time to spare. Thursday morning, we went to the range and Shelleen shot the side and practice matches while I worked from the club house. Damn, work is a 4-letter word.   Friday morning came, we went to the range did our normal morning prep, safety meeting and possed up. Cowboy Junky read the stage and we were off. That’s wh...
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By: on April 23, 2018
We started driving Thursday morning for the Florida State CAS Championship. Was a perfect day for a drive too. We hit I-10 and I thought we were almost there… nope another 100 miles to go. we did make it there though and driving on to the range I gotta say was very nice. To see the CAS props and then the shooters, it don’t really matter where you go to shoot it always kinda feels like home. We signed in got our pack from even more familiar faces. Thanks to Cas, Holler, Shamrock Sadie and the ...
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