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By: on December 30, 2019
What can I say about 2019? I “shot” more than a few matches. Ides of March, Fl state, GA state, EOT, SC State and S.E regional, as well as too many monthlies to name. I met new people, made new friends and strengthened bonds with old friends. I look forward to the time we will spend together in 2020.   My shooting wasn’t very competitive this year. I was not able to close the deal at any state match. I place 2-5 in my category a couple times, but no 1st. I did win a couple over all monthli...
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By: on December 17, 2019
In the spot light this week is Sue Render. If ya shot a big match in the SE or around SC then you probably met her or heard her name a few times. Specially for the 87 side match award     Where do you live? (what state or country) South Carolina   When did you start shooting CAS and how did you or who got you into the sport? I've been shooting CAS with my husband, Kid Ray, since 2010. He started about 6 months before I did and kept asking me to come out and...
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By: on December 9, 2019
In this Shooter Spotlight we are getting to know Scarlett Darlin' . This is what she had to say:   When did you start shooting CAS and how did you or who got you into the sport? I shot my first match the first Saturday of December 2012.. The Palmetto Posse Christmas Match.  I first heard about CAS from Larry Page, knifemaker, alias Tucker T. Fudpucker, at the Greenville Gun Show.  Tommy and I hadn’t even started doing ear plugs yet - then, the first Saturday of August, we attended the P...
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By: on November 26, 2019
I thought I would try something different this month with the blog and do a shooter spotlight. I figured we could pick a member and ask a few questions to get to know them better. If Y'All like it, we can do it once or twice a month. Let me know in the comments if you think this is fun and who you would want to see in the spotlight. This month is Santa Fe River Stan, a Florida cowboy and member of The Cracker Crew. A crack pot and a crack shot. Here is what he had to say.   When did you st...
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By: on October 28, 2019
Let me start by thanking Branchwater Jack, Marshall TKD, Buck D Law, Barkeep Casey and anyone else that volunteered their time and hard work on Ambush at Cavern Cove. The weather made it extra challenging and you guys pulled it off. My first time to your range, hats off.  The festivities at the range on Friday night were fun and the food was good. The awards and dinner were in a very nice facility with a spectacular view off the very large patio. Madame Moog and I had a great time and will be re...
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By: on October 7, 2019
To all my favorite Gunslingers, Welcome back! What a match we had this past Sunday. The stages were written to be challenging and make everyone think, and they certainly didn't disappoint. Thank you, everyone, for your kind words and inspiration to keep on writing. We started stage one with obstacles to shoot around for every gun. When I read the stage, I saw the looks of doubt, especially for the section about the rifle, but everyone did well to move legally, and some even impressed with ...
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By: on October 2, 2019
The OK Corral Outlaws are looking for sponsors for our upcoming Annual Match on January 25th. 2020. The details can be found in this file. If you are interested, you can send us a message or contact our Sponsorship Manager, The Outlaw Travis James. His contact info is in the attached document. You can find more info about the Annual on our website or our Action Shooting Network Event
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By: on September 30, 2019
Madame and I drove to South Carolina to (lol) compete in the state match. We drove mostly north for 7 hours to have the temperature get hotter. I think the theme of the match must have been hell fire because it was probably the hottest match I shot all summer and I shoot in sticky humid Florida. Doc Kemm, Sue Render, Whiskey Mac, The Cottons, grey dog and everyone else that worked their butts off putting that shindig together, Madame and I thank you. I know Y’All didn’t stop running until this m...
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By: on September 20, 2019
  Antelope Junction Rangers Wyoming Antelope Club-Florida 3700 126th Avenue North Clearwater, FL 33762 Contact: Moog Phone: 727-798-0994 E-Mail: Territorial Governor: Hombre Paul Phone: 727-492-6113 E-Mail: Date of Monthly Match: 2nd Saturday Social Links Action Shooting Network: SASSnet:   Big Be...
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By: on September 20, 2019
This is a list of the Florida SASS clubs match schedules listed in alphabetical order by week number. FIRST SATURDAY Gold Coast Gunslingers (Main Match) - Sunrise, FL Weewahootee Vigilance Committee - Orlando, FL Valdosta Vigilance Committee - Valdosta, GA FIRST SUNDAY Ghost Town Gunslingers - St. Augustine, FL (Oct - May) Hernando County Regulators - Brooksville, FL   SECOND SATURDAY Antelope Junction Rangers - Clearwater, FL Fort White Cowboy Cavalry -...
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By: on August 23, 2019
This month was less than stellar for the Moog. Madame Moog on the other hand had a great month. Scoring her very first clean match at The Hernando County Regulators monthly and making some of the best runs on stages since she started shooting. Not that Shoulda Dun Gun took it easy on her either, using her little red plate nemisis. Keep it up Madame Moog, I know your fan club will be cheering for ya. There is something going on with my rifle, I cant seem to get 10 rounds out smoothly. At the ...
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By: on August 1, 2019
This was a topic that was posted over in our SASS Florida Group on Facebook and my reply was very long so I decided to make a blog out of it.     I am a born and raised Florida native and when I was a kid of about 6 years old my uncle takes me out to a hunting ground. He tells me that he wants to let me shot this big gun called a muzzle loader. He pulls out this monstrosity of a gun that was twice as long as I was. Turns out it was a .58 caliber with something like a 40" barrel.  He wal...
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